Madden 20 Team of the Week: Top Fantasy Performer Sammy Watkins

Madden 20 Team of the Week: Top Fantasy Performer Sammy Watkins 

With the first week of the NFL officially appearing in the book, this means that the first real Madden 20 team this week is here. This week's limited player is Sammy Watkins. His project is only held on Thursday, September 12th, Eastern Time, and is not eligible for Power Up.

LTD Sammy Watkins (WR)


  • 99 Vertical Threat
  • 96 Jump Ball
  • 98 Slot
  • 98 Possession
  • 83 Run Blocking
  • 98 RAC

Sammy Watkins

The new Madden 20 Team of the Week Limited project will be handed over to Kansas City Chiefs' wide receiver Sammy Watkins, who also has a Sunday. Patrick Mahomes caught a lot of passes in the Chiefs' season-opening win over Jacksonville.

At the end of the game, Watkins had 198 yards and three touchdowns to help the Chiefs win 40-26. His LTD card has a 91 0VR rating, including 90 Spectacular Catch, 89 Speed ​​and 89 Catching.


In each player's challenge, you will play against the team they faced in the first week in the first week. Each player's challenge allows you to choose a difficulty level (simple), two stars (medium) or three stars (hard). Additional rewards are also available during the challenge. 

Only two new TOTW challenges are available this week. Here are the reward levels for these challenges:

  • 2 Stars- Team of the Year Token
  • 6 Stars- Gold+ TOTW Player
  • 10 Stars- 1,000 Coins

Team of the week challenges

How to get TOTW cards in Ultimate Team

Madden 20 Most of the team's players this week can be purchased at the Packs Store in Ultimate Team. There are packages and bundles available now. Gamers can purchase up to 10 1-week TOTW packages, each with 30,000 coins or 500 points. The 12X TOTW set will cost 5,850 points and can only be obtained by purchasing real money.

Alternatively, gamers can use the Auction Browser in the Ultimate Team and find the player items they want to buy,  Sammy Watkins quick sells for 250,000 coins. Check out our guide for how to get cheap Madden 20 coins so you can afford them!