Madden NFL 20: How to Complete the Solo Challenge

Madden NFL 20: How to Complete the Solo ChallengeMadden NFL 20: How to Complete the Solo Challenge

Solo Challenge is self-evident-playing solo with the CPU in the challenge to win stars will bring rewards. The length of these challenges, requirements, and rewards vary greatly. Some of these challenges are single-play to complete specific missions, while others are full game challenges that require missions and/or requirements to win the game. Some give you Madden coins rewards, and some give you player rewards. Some players are NAT, others can be sold.

Today I will show you which solos are worth playing late in the game and which are not worth doing.

Always keep in mind that NAT players from the solo have a different value for training and selling than their auctionable version. It can be as low as 25% of the training value of the auctionable version. Don't complete these solos with the goal of earning training, it's not worth your time.

You can quickly complete many of these solos because many of them are short-lived challenges and easy. You spend more time on the screen than in the game.

NFL 100

I think the NFL 100 solo should be 100% locked by anyone who wants to get players/coins. They are very easy and fast. If you have just started using MUT, this should be your first solo sequence.

You can choose anyone, but the best choice is Moss, LT, Dickerson, or Lott. Sorry if your favorites are not on the list, but these guys are the best.


If I want to be a good team later in the game cycle, then I will definitely be solos of the team of the year (TOTY). After earning 90 stars in solos, you will get a free NAT TOTY fantasy pack, from which you can randomly choose one of the 3 options of TOTY players (95-97 OVR). Choose the one who is best for your team. You cannot sell or trade it, so you better add it to the squad.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl Challenge also facilitates quick rewards. Again, they are very simple and fast. You will get Super Bowl tickets because you won the stars in these challenges. Then, you put these tickets into the "Super Bowl" tickets to earn NAT Super Bowl past heroes (95 OVR) or NAT Super Bowl current heroes (96). This is not a fantasy pack, you can choose any of them.

You can get up to 10 tickets, and you can get up to one past hero (4 tickets) and one present hero (6 tickets). Again, because the quick sell rate of training is low and you cannot sell the card, choose the player you want.

Free Agency

The Free Agency challenges are as simple and short-lived as other challenges. You need 120 stars to get the NAT Free Agent Fantasy Pack (96 OVR), and 200 stars to get another NAT Free Agent fantasy pack.


The solo listed above is indeed the only effort worth building for your team. You can defend Level Challenges, but don't do these until you have completed all the challenges listed above. You may polish all the solos listed above in 2-3 weeks and end up with a few Madden 20 coins and a functional team.

Once your team performs well, even in the most difficult situations, most solos are very easy, so your main obstacle is to complete the task as quickly as possible. Get more guides and news updates on Madden, click here. In addition, we also provide cheap Madden coins.