Madden NFL 20: Top 10 Running Backs In The Upcoming Game

        Madden NFL 20: Top 10 Running Backs In The Upcoming Game



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For years, running back has been a glory position in Madden. With more emphasis on star players in Madden 20, that could go to the next level in the new game. EA has already revealed the four players who received a 99-overall rating, and none of them are running backs. However, that doesn't mean there are no game-changers at the position throughout the league.


Using a combination of speed, strength, and agility, NFL running backs must carry the football through elite defenses. During the rush to a touchdown, they must avoid getting tackled and fumbling the ball, which sounds easier than it is. Only the most athletic halfbacks, tailbacks, and fullbacks are able to juke and spin their way onto this list of the best running backs in the NFL right now. Some of whom might even end up among the greatest running backs in football history.


Here is a look at the 10-best backs in Madden 20.


  • Todd Gurley - 97 - Los Angeles Rams
  • Ezekiel Elliott - 94 - Dallas Cowboys
  • Le'Veon Bell - 92 - NY Jets
  • Melvin Gordon III - 92 - Los Angeles Chargers
  • Saquon Barkley - 91 - NY Giants
  • Christian McCaffrey - 91- Carolina Panthers
  • Kareem Hunt - 90 - Cleveland Browns
  • Alvin Kamara - 90 - New Orleans Saints
  • Devonta Freeman - 89 - Atlanta Falcons
  • Joe Mixon - 88 - Cincinnati Bengals


Despite missing all of last season, Bell maintained a choice spot in the Top 10 running backlist. His 75 catch rating is the seventh highest in the game among running backs. Though he only has an 89-speed rating, Bell is still a threat as a traditional ball carrier. While Elliott is an excellent dual-threat, the most dangerous receiving back in the game has to be McCaffrey. His 91-speed rating is the second-highest for running backs, and his 81 catch rating is the highest at his position.


The more you scan the ratings, the more you wonder about the formula that generates the overall marks. Gurley's advantages over Elliott are a +2 in speed, +1 in acceleration, a +7 in elusiveness, +1 in ball-carrier vision, a +6 in breaking tackles and a +6 in carrying. Essentially, Gurley is viewed as the better pure runner, but you could argue Elliott is a more complete back. If you throw the ball to your running back regularly, but you still want to pound it inside, Elliott should probably be your top target in a fantasy draft, and in Ultimate Team.


Choose wisely when it comes to selecting your star in the backfield. You can see all of the ratings for every player here.