“Mathematics may not teach us to add love or subtract hate, but it gives us hope that every problem has a solution.” -Anonymous

Please find below assignments and resources related to math.

IXL One-Step Equations Assignment

Remember, you do not have to master or even attempt every skill. Please just work for at least 20 minutes on one of the skills below.

Please double-check that you are logged in before you start working! If you need your login information, please e-mail or text Mrs. Densmore.

If you find these skills too difficult, please ask Mrs. Densmore for help. If you find them too easy, please try working on other variable equation skills from level H or I or try updating your diagnostic and then working on some recommended math skills.

Remember, the first letter tells you the difficulty level and the second part gives you the skill number and name. So, “Level F G.4 Write variable equations to represent word problems “ is from difficulty level F and the skill name is “G.4 Write variable equations to represent word problems.” Items with the same second number within a difficulty level are the same skill set, so in level H, all the “Z” skills relate to variables.

IXL One-Step Equations Skills List: