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5/26 - Social Studies page updated with website to use for answering "The Declaration of Independence for Kids", Questions 5-6.

5/14 - Science page updated with information about finding reliable resources for Space Final Project from final delivery.

5/4 - New Gerson Middle School page posted! Be sure to check out the new layout of the site and let Mrs. Densmore know what you think. Check back frequently, as this site is growing and new features and content will be added soon!


Welcome to the Gerson Middle School website. Here you will find all the resources you need for completing your assignments for Mrs. Densmore’s class. This main page, the homepage, is where you can find general links, helpful announcements, and information for contacting Mrs. Densmore.

At the top you will notice links to subject-specific pages. This is where you can access information and links for each specific subject. This includes links for completing your assignments and other helpful or interesting links and resources related to that subject.

Above this section you will find the announcements section. This is where Mrs. Densmore will post important information including upcoming important dates and reminders, information about changes to the website, and other important information for all students. Announcements will start with the date they were posted and be listed from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom.

Below this welcome you will find a list of general links that might be helpful to you as you are working from home. Please remember, if you are looking for a link for a specific assignment or subject, go to that subject’s page to find the link. For example, if you need an online resource to finish your science project on constellations, go to the “science” link at the top.

Finally, at the bottom of this page you will find information for contacting Mrs. Densmore and the current schedule for our Zoom classes. Remember, links for Zoom classes are sent to your e-mail, not posted on the website for security reasons.

General Links

Here is a list of links that might be helpful to you.

Contacting Mrs. Densmore

You can contact Mrs. Densmore whenever you have a question, comment, or concern or if you just want to check in. Remember, Mrs. Densmore is available to respond during school hours Monday-Friday.

Text and Phone Calls: (216)309-0443
Zoom: By appointment, please text or e-mail Mrs. Densmore

Class Schedule

Tuesdays at 12 PM: Mrs. Densmore’s class with a focus on social-emotional skills

Wednesdays at 4 PM: Ms. Jesse’s class for art

Thursdays at 12 PM: Mrs. Densmore’s class with a focus on core academic skills

Thursdays at 1:30: PM Ms. Friedman’s class for transitions