Alain in wonderland

Abandoning the drawing to finally start a real job, Alain goes to the Ministry of Censorship for his first day of contract. It is there that he discovers that a drama is unfolding in the depths of Imagiland, the land of wonders and creation. With great blows of gum, the censotaurs make disappear its inhabitants and its landscapes. In spite of himself, Alain therefore finds himself having to save creation… helped by a scribble named Rachid. But not only: in this album subtitled “The first comic book where you are the pencil”, the reader-designer is a major protagonist. This one is warned from the first page by its authors Monsieur Poulpe and Davy Mourier: it's up to him to arm himself, among others, with pencil, tippex and coffee (this one will prove to be more useful than one thinks).


The objectives of this UFO-project are attractive: to find the artist who is in you (if you have lost him) and to make each copy of this comic unique. Listening only to his courage, Bodoï grabbed his pencil, ready to vigorously defend the imagination.

Unfortunately, this will quickly waned. The “duties” of the reader-designer, despite a few welcome whims, are too often similar to those of a very guided coloring book, and the share of free will very tenuous. As the authors mischievously point out, this is not a book in which you are the hero ...

The scenario struggles to carry the pencil in its somewhat redundant meanders, while Ariel Bittum's drawing, ultra simple, sometimes seems too. Perhaps this is not to intimidate the reader-designer. But the uniformity of plans quickly becomes boring, and the soaped style could discourage goodwill from applying.

The album is primarily aimed at the community of fans of its authors , who will find there their schoolboy humor which is often nested in the details and funny winks. This will allow them, by posting their drawings on Instagram as regularly indicated in the album, in particular under the hashtag #alainaupaysdesmerveilles , but also frequently with the page number concerned, to establish a link between the authors and their fans (for the 'moment, there are still few participations, and a lot of cocks totally in the spirit of the book). In the end, this comic seems more thought of as a common adventure, to which you must fully subscribe to enjoy it.