Spelling List for September 27th                       

1. biscuit                         2. clover               3. public            4. oven           5. bandage           6. cabin             7. plastic

8.radar                        9. mitten                10. knapsack           11. local       12. mustard         13. pupil                  14. sofa

15. welcome            16. razor                   17. fancy             18. limit           19. famous       20. item                 21. festival

22. guilt                 23. inspecting              24. lingered           25. resounded




Math - Complete Worksheet

Reading -  Study Spelling Words for Spelling Test on Friday, Review story and vocabulary words for weekly Reading Quiz on Friday

Grammar - Write personal narrative for Friday, Review for Weekly Grammar Quiz on Friday over types of sentences and personal narratives.

Science - 

Social Studies -

Important Terms to Remember

Math - counting change, greater than, less than,nickel, quarter, dime, penny

Reading - biscuit, famous, lingered, inspecting, razor, festival, resounded, guilt, welcome, knapsack

Grammar -declarative sentence, imperative sentence, exclamatory sentence, interrogative sentence, compound sentence, personal narrative, time order words,simple and complete subject, simple and complete predicate

Science - organism, habitat,environment, adaptation, producer, consumer, food chain, predator, prey, population, community

Social Studies - geography, plain, plateau, landforms, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, climate, adapt, natural resources, minerals, renewable resources nonrenewable resource, mineral, environment, recycle, bar graph, line graph, coast, peninsula, island, wildlife