Math Grade 7

Practice Worksheets:  For those of you who like paper and pencil work (or need homework to do in front of your parents.)  These are separated by TCAP objectives.  Review worksheets with a Laughing in front of the link are items that will appear on the 7th grade TCAP.  However, there are other worksheets that are building blocks that lead up to the tested standard.  These sheets are for those of you who need to review skills where you have "gaps".  All worksheets will count toward extra credit.

Smile Order of Operations 

Websites:  This area is for those of you who like interactive learning.  I have sorted sites by TCAP objectives when I can, and there is also practice sites for basic skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  I do track Study Island and V Math Live to count toward extra credit.

Videos:  For those who need to "see it" to get how to "do it".  This is some videos from off the web, and I am trying to add others as well.