Gold Team

Welcome to Harrison Morton and the 6th grade Gold Team!


We are excited to meet all the new Gold Team students!


​Watch the mail for a letter from our principal, Mrs. Custer.  It will have important dates, times, and other information for getting the year started.


There will be announcements soon for our 

meet the 6th grade teacher meeting & the HM

Open House for all grades  


Some items that may help with the move to middle school are:

Have pencils ~ they are needed everyday!

Let your student know that we spend extra time learning schedules, exploring the school, working on combination locks, and other items to help start the year right!

Follow the uniform policy ~ we follow it exactly ~ including belts, shirts tucked in, and the correct colored shoes!


Here's to a great year! yes


The Gold Team

Ms. Conlon - Learning Support

Ms. Larrimore - Reading

Mr. Grim - Math

Mrs. Preston - ILA & Science


Mrs. Saltz - guidance counselor

Mrs. Keeney - assistant principal