Third Grade Golda Meir Owls


Hello Families!

Welcome to our final week of learning.  This is a week definitely filled with emotions.  None of us expected to be ending the year like this and we are all so sad about this.  As teachers go back to pack up rooms this week there will be certainly some difficult times.  We are trying to arrange some more fun things to do this week but we know it can't compare to what we would do if we were in person.  You have all been so amazing and we will truly miss all of you.  Enjoy your summer!


Ms. Bailey and Ms. K

Ms. Sharon and Ms. Perri

Ms. Willis

English Language Arts

You have all been 'assigned' a Google Form to complete.  It is your vote for the Citizenship Award.  Please only vote once for one girl and one boy.  We will be presenting awards later this week so please vote BY MONDAY AFTERNOON!

All 15 minute prompts have been posted for the week.  Please do them daily, starting with Monday.  Don't work ahead.

Aside from your daily writing prompts, please complete the asssignments in google classroom for ELA. Wednesday, May 13th, complete the assignment on creating body paragraphs. 

Social Studies

I have really enjoyed seeing the creative and wonderful projects you have completed.  I am so impressed.  Monday you will complete your final economics test.  

For Tuesday and Wednesday, please go to the Everfi site but we have downloaded a new game that we would like to encourage you to play all summer!  It's called Summer Slugger and it is a really great economics game.  Try it out and let me know what you think.


Make sure you read through the weekly Slides for directions if you have any questions!

May 18th- Readworks assignment "Walking Tall"

May 19th- Dog Man escape room.

May 20th- Flipgrid





Topics 12 through 15 were assigned to be completed on-line due to the closing of MPS for the rest of the school year.  Students will not be graded on these last four math topics due to the fact that many students may not have had the technology to complete the assignments.  These topiocs were assigned to EXPOSE students to these concepts for 4th grade. 

Students will only have ONE assignment this week:  

1.  Students are to complete the Topics 1 through 15 On-Line Benchmark Test.  It is assigned for Monday, May 11 and is due on May 13th.  

2.  If students are looking for extra practice, they can always go back and complete assignments that have not been started or they are in progress of finishing.  


 Environmental Impacts on Organisms 

There is NO science assignment for this week.  


 The assignments for social emotional learning have been posted on the Health website.
Miscellaneous   Keep your iReady and ALEKS minutes up!


EPIC! instructions: go to this webstie. Our class code is: wvv6053 click on YOUR OWN name! Once you have clicked on your name, you are good to browse around!


Just read everyone! I don't want you to forget how much you enjoy it! I am working on getting you a digital resource to get you access to more books!

Whoo's Reading Directions: when they log into clever, they can go to the Whoo's Reading App. When they enter the site, they can click on the blue Whoo's Reading logo on the top, middle of the page. This should take them to their own personal dashboard. From there, they can type in the title of the book that they are reading, and complete practice questions for that book. They should listen to Owlfonzo, and write in the style that he is prompting them to. 


**Dreamscape and Prodigy are two really nice websites the kids can "earn" (they are not mandatory, but help enhance math and reading skills, while being a game!)