Welcome to Mr. Goldner's Classroom!

Welcome to 5th Grade! I hope all of you had a great summer and enjoyed your break! Mine was great! However, it is time to get back to work...and there is a lot to get done this year! To begin, make sure you've picked up the Cherrington Supply List for 5th grade. The ideas on that list should be brought in the first week of school. Once here, we'll get you organized and ready to go!

This is going to be an EXCITING school year! To begin, Mr. Goldner and Mrs. Smucker have MOVED classrooms! We are now in the interior classrooms and have "connecting" rooms! Between the two 5th grade classrooms is a retractable wall. Which means, we will be doing a lot of GROUP activities this year...involving ALL of the 5th graders together! We're excited about it and we hope you like it too!