ZOOM meeting at 9:30 am to introduce our new Letter Writing unit! There you'll find out which classmate you'll be writing to this week!


**Zoom meetings are always optional and even if you aren't able to attend, you'll still receive the name of a classmate to write to this week. 


**We will not be mailing the letters, you will send a photo to me as we've been doing in writing and I will send the letter to each student via email. 


Felicia is writing to Macie

Macie is writing to Keira
Keira is writing to Piper 

Gracie is writing to Mariah

Piper is writing to Gracie

Austin is writing to Hunter

Hunter is writing to Evan

Evan is wrting to Jayce

Jayce is writing to Alex

Alex is writing to Gavin

Gavin is writing to Brayden

Brayden is writing to Shandel

Shandel is writing to Noelle

Noelle is writing to Riley

Riley is writing to Felicia

Mariah is writing to Jeremiah

Jeremiah writing to Jeremy

Jeremy is writing to Onye

Onye is writing to Lita

Lita is writing to Lucas

Lucas is writing to Eli

Eli is writing to Austin










Review format of a letter:


My Example :






Sharpen the Saw day



Draft your letter to a friend



Write a letter back to the person who wrote to you using the same format we've been reviewing this week.







Monday: No school


Tuesday: No school


Wednesday: We're moving from REVISING to EDITING this week. Double check your writing for punctuation including   .  !  ?  "


Thursday: Add some illustrations and a front cover to your story. What do you think a good title would be for your story? 


Friday:  Fun Friday! Call your BFF, cousin, grandma, grandpa, aunt,

uncle, anyone and read your story to them!! 

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Revising Day 1:

Add more details such as:


*vivid details

*fancy vocabulary


Hi 2nd Grade! I'm sorry my video messages aren't working! sad  I am really excited because I was able to get our writing checklist poster from our classroom last week! Right now, we are getting ready to move from DRAFT to REVISE. Check out my writing from last week. Before I say "I'm done" I'm going back and looking over my graphic organizers that I had made. I realized I didn't give any details about the trampolines, stores, or seal pier! I'll be going back today to add some more details to that section of my writing. I'm also going to add the suggestion Gavin made from last week's zoom meeting of telling my reader where we're going in the beginning of my writing.

I was also able to switch one of my words to make it a bit fancier.

You'll notice I used post-its to add to my writing, but if you don't have post-it's you can jot your revising notes on a seperate piece of paper. I am not going to rewrite my entire story, I am just going to add little notes here and there to improve my writing.