Meyerspark Grade 3

Our school is located in Meyerspark, Pretoria in South Africa. We are in the last week of school. Our school is closing in a weeks time on the 26th of March. We have 4 holidays in a year.


We have been discussing the history of South Africa the past 4 weeks. Our learners have learned about Apartheid, how South Africa overcame it and where we are now 16 years later. We have learned that South Africa is a fertile country which produces a lot of fruit, vegetables and wine. We are surrounded by 2 seas with a lot of fish. Our learners were very interested to learn a lot of this information. They asked a lot of questions and I was not always able to answer all the questions, but did my research afterwards and taught the learners afterwards.


Our holiday will be 2 weeks long, where most of the learners will stay at home, seeing as our school has a poor community and not everyone can afford to go on holiday.


More information will follow. If anyone is interested in becoming penpals with our grade 3's, feel free to contact me.