Extra Credit

Extra Credit Opportunities

There are many ways to earn extra credit embedded on the pages in the unit.  Students can play online games and print their certificates showing they completed the game(s), find and print news articles, and/or do a challenge worksheet.  Each activity is worth 5pts. of extra credit!  

The following unit pages offer extra credit:  11, 23, 31, 39, 43 (30 possible points) 

Link for All 3 Branches - iCivics - Challenging Role Playing Games for the Three Branches of Government - Each game can be used to earn 5 points of extra credit -  one time for each game. Play the game and print the certicate to show you won the game.   Three-hole punch the certificate and insert it in your unit.  The extra credit points will be added to your Jupiter Grade average when we score units for organization. 

For other games to earn extra credit, see the tab above titled "Online Government Activities and Games."  


On going:  

  • After students complete twelve required worksheets (1-12)  called "Atlas Work," they can begin to earn extra credit by doing more of the "Atlas Work" pages (13 -16). Students may always come after school to do "Atlas Work" for extra credit. It is a good way to get to know the world and to practice atlas reading skills. If your child ever wants or needs extra credit, this is a good option.   Atlases are not sent home.  This work must be done at school. 
  • Sometimes an extra credit SN is offered.  (Available on May 10th.) 
  • Extra credit points are sometimes built in to an assignment itself, such as on Geo Quizzes.