Framers Webquest

The links below are listed in the order that you will use them to complete the Framers Webquest.  Once you finish the green worksheet packet, you will go on to play the games and do the activities in whatever order you choose.  


Link #1 - Use this site for Part 1

Link #2 - Use this for the Ben Franklin question

Link #3 - Use this for Part 3 - The Founding Fathers - Delegates to the Constitutional Convention

Bill of Rights Game - When you finish the web quest, play this game first.

Optional - Get Extra Credit Worksheet #4 with #5 on the back for more extra credit possibilities. 

ALL EXTRA CREDIT described on this page is DUE at the end of this week. 

A. Optional and Extra Credit- Which Founder Are You? - Answer the questions and see which Founder you are most like in personality. Write the name you discover on the back of your packet for one extra credit point.

# 5 - Optional and can lead to Extra Credit - Currency Mismatch for Fun or if you get Extra Credit Worksheet #1 and research to fill it in, earn two points of extra credit.

#6- Optional -For fun or An Extra Credit Activity- The Bill of Rights Game - You watch short video clips and answer a question after each clip. Take a screen shot of your score and email it to your teacher.

#7 - Optional - For Fun or Possible Extra Credit - A Quiz - Lots of reading required and very challenging - Extra Credit if you score 12 or better out of 20. Take a screen shot of your score and email it to your teacher.

# 8 - Optional - For Fun or Possible Extra Credit - Interview Ben Franklin, using the Ace Reporter status, and have the computer help you generate a news article about the interview. Write a short lead paragraph of three sentences and create a clever caption for the photo you choose. Print your interview for up to 5 pts. of extra credit.

# 9 - Optional - Listen to President Obama talk about the Constitution and which Founding Father he would most like to meet

# 10 -Optional - Sortify - Hard Game - For Fun

Optional - The links in this column are related to three Founding Fathers.  You can just go the links and learn from them OR you can take some notes on the extra credit worksheet # 3 so you are prepared to do that task.  This is worth up to ten points of extra credit, depending on how thorough you are.  

Animated Book about George Washington

George Washington Cloze Challenge

Animated Book about Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Cloze Challenge

Animated Book about Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Cloze Challenge

This link takes you to a place where you can read even more about these men and lots of other U.S. historical figures.