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Click on the RED links to be brought to the study games.  

There are many games online that you can use to study for geography quizzes. Using a Google Search will help you to find more games than are attached here. 

These suggestions are organized by quiz, mostly in the order that we will take them in class.  

Continents and Oceans: 

Game #1 - Cartoon Version  

Game #2

Game #3- Type in the labels - Challenge yourself with this one when you are ready! 

Continents and Oceans Study Packet - This is an online copy of the sheets we handed out in class.  You can print more at home if needed.  I also keep extra copies in the classroom!  Just ask if you want another copy of any of the pages.  

Maine Counties:

Game #1 - This is the basic, easiest version.

Game #2 - This one has you type the have your blue list next to you as you play!  

Game #3 This one gives you multiple choice options.

Game #4  Drag the labels to the correct location.

Game #5 This one is harder because after you get one right, it turns back to green. So, you have to remember which ones you've already chosen.

ME Counties Study and Practice Sheets Packet

States East of the Mississippi River:

Game #1 - First Challenge 

Game #2 by Lizard Point 

Game #3  - Cartoon Version -Type the labels

Game #4 - More Challenging Eastern States

Game #5 - Most Challenging Eastern States

States West of the Mississippi River:

Game #1 - First Challenge

Game #2 - Lizard Point

Game #3 - Place the Labels

Game #4 - Type the Labels - Most Challenging

Game #5 - Cartoon Version

U.S. Capitals:

Game #1

Game #2

North America:

Game #1

Game #2

Game #3

Game #4  The countries are shown in red and you have to pick from four choices.  The map is really beware!  

North America puzzle - Drag countries into correct place on a map.  There are various levels of difficulty.  Try them all!  Good luck.

Don't forget to click on Sheppard Software above for some great game choices.  

Study and Practice Sheets  - to print at home

South America:

Game #1

Game #2

Game #3

Game #4

South America Study Sheets to print at home

Build Your World Map by Coloring the Countries and Labeling the Key for South America

Northern Europe: 

Game #1

Game #2 - Best one to use

Game #3 - A bit more challenging

Game #4 - Cartoon Version for Fun

Game #5 - Type in the labels - Use your list because you have to spell them right as you type! - A challenge!

Northern Europe Study and Practice Sheets Packet

Southern Europe:

Game #1

Game #2 - Southern Europe - Pin Mode

Game #3 - Cartoon Version

Game #4 - Southern Europe- Place the Labels

 Southern Europe Study and Practice Sheets

Middle East:

Game #1 - The BEST game to prepare for the quiz! Includes the bodies of water!

Game #2 - Same as above but this is a Place the Labels version, rather than a Pin version

Game #3 -  Also includes the bodies of water that are on the quiz - Lizard Point version

Game #4

Packet of Middle East Study and Practice Sheets to View or Print at Home


Former Soviet Union:

Game #1-  Pin the Locations - includes the extra credit seas

Game #2 - Place the Labels

Game #3 - Practice Just the Countries, without the extra credit bodies of water

Former Soviet Union Study Sheets


East Asia: 

Game #1 - BEST version to practice for our quiz

Game #2 - Custom version for our quiz

Game #3 - This game has most of the countries on the quiz. (Note: East Timor and Maldives are not on our quiz.) Afghanistan and Pakistan ARE on the quiz but are not on this game!

Game #4 - Most, but not all, of the countries on the quiz in class appear on this game. (Note: East Timor is not on our quiz.)

Game #5 - Again...most but not all the countries on the quiz.

Asia Study Sheet Packet



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