Online Government Activities and Games

Link for All 3 Branches - iCivics - Challenging Role Playing Games for the Three Branches of Government - Each game can be used to earn 5 points of extra credit -  one time for each game. Play the game and print the certicate to show you won the game.   Three-hole punch the certificate and insert it in your unit.  The extra credit points will be added to your Jupiter Grade average when we score units for organization.  

Green Section - The Country Forms and Government Begins

It's Too Late to Apologize - Declaration of Independence

   The Preamble

Green Link #1 - The Preamble Song - Click full screen and watch while you listen. The pictures show the meanings of the lyrics. Notice how the first time through the animations are related to the start of the nation in 1776, while the second time through the animations are updated for more modern times. For example, look at how the uniforms change during the 'provide for the common defense" line from verse 1 to verse 2.  

Green Link #2 - An easy game to get you started on memorizing the Preamble

Green Link #3 - Click Your Way Through the Preamble

Green Link #4 - Practice Typing the Preamble with Prompts - Get yourself ready for the next link by practicing with this one! The next link is more challenging!

Green Link #5 - Ready, Set, Go...Type Fast! - Given the words to copy one at a time, can you type the Preamble in less than a minute?

Green Link #6 - How Fast Can You Type Preamble From Memory? - This is the most challenging game! Spelling counts!

CONSTITUTION LINK - Kid-friendly info about the Constitution, the National Archives and other related info.

Red (Pink) Section - Article 1 - The Legislative Branch

Pink Link #1- Kids in the House

Pink Link #2 - The Architect’s Virtual Capitol

Pink LInk#3 - The Official Site for the U.S. House of Representatives

Pink Link #4 - U.S. Census Website

Pink Link # 5 - US Census State Facts for Kids

Pink Link #6 - The Great Apportionment Machine -  How do we figure out how many representatives each state will get? We count the number of people in each state and divide the 435 representatives up in a fair way, so that each one represents about the same number of people. This is called "apportionmnent" and it is described in this short video animation! 

Pink Link #7 - The Official Site for the U.S. Senate

Pink Link #8 - Congress for Kids - This site is great for a kids look at Congress. There are lots of different things to click on and explore. On the site is a games section. The one on making laws is helpful for the quiz on how a bill becomes a law. Good review for final test too.

White Section - Article 2 - The Executive Branch 

White Link # 1 - The Official White House Website

White Link #2 - Virtual Tour of White House

White Link #3 - Join President Obama for a quick tour of the White House

White Link #4 - Electoral Maps In U.S. Presidential Elections

White Link #5 - Electoral Challenge Game - Can you get enough electoral votes to win before your opponent does?

White Link #6 - Symbolism on the One Dollar Bill - Great Seal

White Link # 7 - Executive Command Game Pretend to be the President, managing the federal bureaucracy!  Just playing
this game will give you an appreciation of the complex job that the President has to do!  Good Luck!   +1 Extra Credit if you are successful and print the certificate. You can play up to six times, each time with a different agenda topic:  Deficit Reduction, Education, Energy, Youth, Health and Security.       Let's see who can be the highest scorer in each topic!  

White Link #8 - The Cabinet for Kids

White Link #9- Department of Energy for Kids

White Link #10 - Department of the Treasury for Kids

White Link#11 - 60 Second Presidential Biographies - PBS

White Link #12 - How to Memorize the Presidents in Order - This is an introduction to the process that Memorize Academy uses to help you memorize the Presidents. The first 10 Presidents are presented.  If you want to continue with memorizing all of them, you will need to create a Memorize Academy account using your school email address and a password you make up and write down!  Let the teacher know if you need help with this, should you choose to do it.  If you DO memorize them all in order, you can earn 10 extra credit points!!!  

White Link # 13 - Win the White House Game -iCivics - When you win, print your certificate (you need to screenshot and print)  and clip it in your binder for 5 points of extra credit.  

Blue Section - Article 3 - The Judicial Branch 

Blue Link #1 - The Official Website for the U.S. Court System

Blue Link # 2 - Judicial Branch Informational Page - A website to explore the judicial branch. Also, see recent Supreme Court cases.

Blue Link # 3 - Bill of Rights Game - Find which right matches each situation and match them up to restore the town to order!

Blue Link #4 - Bill of Rights Video Quiz Game - Watch the short video clips and then answer the questions.  Show the teacher
your score for extra credit! 

Yellow Pages - How the 3 Branches Work Together

Yellow Link # 1 - Checks and Balances In Class Quiz with Google Forms