Social Studies Homework FAQs

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Social Studies Homework:  

What if my child forgets the homework at school?  

There are many options for still getting the homework done:

  • Once the year is underway a bit, a Unit Pages tab will appear above. If you are looking for a worksheet to print at home, see if there is a link to the work page there.  If there is not, call Ms. Dill (985-6206) to ask her to attach it; she may have gotten busy and forgotten to attach today's work.  She won't mind being called at home.  Leave a message if she isn't there. Thanks.
  • Come back to school and get it.  If the door is locked, see if any 6th grade teacher are still there by knocking on Mrs. Zotos' /Ms. Binette's windows.  Ms. Dill's windows are small and in the front but you could try those, too.  We are often there until 4:30 or sometimes later.  The gym doors may also be open. 
  • Call Ms. Dill to ask for a solution. 985-6206
  • Call a friend and ask if they have a way to share it with you.  Maybe read it over the phone and write your answers on another piece of paper.  

Give an honest effort to get the work done.  If it is still not possible, have a parent write a note describing your efforts and we will consider how to handle the late work.  

How often do students have social studies homework?

On most Mondays a study sheet will be handed out for a geography map quiz to be given on Friday. This involves labeling a blank map with either continents, countries, states, or bodies of water. It is a memorization activity and needs practice each night at home for a few minutes.  Each week students will complete the questions on the back of the Scholastic News magazine that is handed out.  Sometimes Scholastic News delivery is late and a week is skipped. Look on the website for details each week. There is other social studies homework, also. It is not every night or even every week. It is sporatic, as needed. It is important that students do their homework, so that they can participate in class.

How is late work in social studies class handled?

Please send a note with your child if there is a family situation or illness that prevents her/him from getting the work done. We will not reduce the score if a note is sent and the work comes in the next day.

Doing homework on time is important for three reasons: 

  • One, it allows students to practice skills and content learned in class, find information that will be talked about the next day, and become prepared to get the most out of their classtime. 
  • Two, and just as important, homework develops a habit of responsibility.
  • Three, doing homework on time fosters positive self-esteem.  Students feel good about themselves and school when their work is done on time. 

If a piece of work is not being handed in on time, either a comment will appear in Jupiter Grades next to the assignment or a "Pink Slip" will be filled out by the student. This slip has a place for an explanation of why the work was not done. Students will have a five point deduction to their Habits of Work and Learning: Responsibility grade. Each student starts with 100 points and five points is taken off for each late assignment. Students will then do the work and hand it in within one week for full credit.  The five points does not come off the actual score of the work itself.  If it never comes in a zero is recorded in the grade book. 

There are some assignments that will receive a zero if they are not in on time.  Sometimes it is vital that a particular assignment is done on a particular day. Students will be informed of the "all or nothing" assignments.