U.S. Capitals

Students have two choices for showing their knowledge of U.S. capital cities:


1.  Study for a matching quiz where you match the 50 states with their capitals.   

Here are some online links to help you practice:  

Quizlet Flashcards - Study and Play the Quizlet Games  (If you want to print out flashcards, here is a link to pages you can print.  Fold the paper in half the long way on the dotted line, glue together, then cut along the lines to make the flashcards OR ask your teacher for a hard copy:  Flashcards to Print)

Game #1 - Sheppard Software - Select states on a map as the capitals appear. Done by region, so there are only a few to choose from each time, as a starter game

Game #2 - Multiple Choice Game of 50 States and Capitals - four choices each time, no map

Game #3 - Seterra - online game for matching states and capitals 

Game #4 - Once you really know the capitals, try this one! You have to type the first three letter of the capital in.    (To make this one easier, use your yellow list from the project folder as you play.) 

                                                                                GOOGLE other games; there are lots! 

2.  Label the map provided in class, showing the 50 states and their capitals. 

Label the states using state abbreviations. Locate each capital city inside the state outline and write in the name of the capital city.  (See link below for directions packet explained in class.) Use the scoring guide provided to do your best quality work.  There is a list of states with abbreviations and capital cities provided in your project folder.  There is also a map showing where the capital cities are located.  As a small challenge, students will need to find the location of capitals in Alaska, Hawaii and the national capital on their own. 

Capitals Map Project Packet Click here for directions and resources that were in the folder handed out in class.  


For Fun and Completely Optional:  We will have a Capitals Map Olympics Contest to discover the maps that best fit six Olympic Event categories!  See the list in the project packet by clicking the green link above!