About me

      I grew up here in Bishop's Falls and I am now living back here with my fiancé and my dog Olive. We are quite content living here in Bishop's Falls because everything we enjoy doing is right here in town and also most of our family lives here. I enjoy going for walks across the trestle, playing softball in the summer and volunteering with the Fallsview Figure Skating Club during the winter.
      I have been teaching at Leo Burke Academy for 2 years now. I also completed my internship here while completing Bachelor of Education Degree from MUN. Working at Leo Burke Academy has been a dream of mine and I have nothing but enjoyed every minute since I first took the job. I teach all Grade 8 and Grade 9 French, French 2200 and French 3200. I also teach a Skilled Trades course at the II level.       
      The French Language has always been a great passion of mine. Upon completion of high school, where I too completed only the Core French Program here at Leo Burke Academy, I decided to continue my studies in French. During my first 2 years of univeristy I completed a cerificate in French Immersion at Université Sainte Anne in Church Point, Nova Scotia. It was there that I decided that I would like to teach young students the language that I had found quite a passion for. After leaving Université Sainte Anne, I returned to Newfoundland and Labrador where I continued my studies at MUN and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in French and a Minor in English. I followed then by completing a Bachelor of Education degree conjoint with a Diploma in Technology.   
      Along with these degrees, I have also completed the Frecker Program through MUN, which is a 4 month study period in Saint Pierre, France. I have also completed two 5 week french immersion bursary programs. One which was in Montreal, Quebec and another in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.  
       I feel that I have a great knowledge within the French Language and I feel that this is a very important element when trying to teach young students another language. Along with my knowledge I also have a strong passion for continuing my learning within the language and trying to educate my students to my fullest capacity.           
I really hope that your child enjoys being in my class, that he/she feels welcomed and that they also begin to acquire a passion for the learning of the language!