About Us



We are the 5th grade team! 


Ms. Toro- A teacher at 134 for 18 years! I have a passion for learning and helping students achieve their full potential! 

I am here and dedicated to your children.  I love reading and hope to ignite that passion in your children as well. Please help me help them learn!


Ms. Velazquez- A teacher at 134 for over 10 years! I love Math and enjoy teaching children how to do ALL things MATH! 


Ms. Ebanks- A teacher at 134 for over 10 years. I consider myself a writer and love to write! I can't wait to show our amazing children how to write amazing stories and essays! 


Ms. Garzilli- Hi students! So glad to meet you and get to know all your wonderful talents! I have taught in Middle School for many years and look forward to helping you prepare for middle school!