Mrs. Granados' 2nd Grade Class



"There is something you must always remember.
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think."
-Winnie the Pooh



Welcome to our class website!  This is the place to find out what we're doing now, how our electronic homework works, useful links and any upcoming important events.  Come on in!

Well, this week sure was interesting!  Goodness!  Welcome to our sweet new student, Jack Ritchie!


Remote Learning Update:       Please go Teams for all updates for the remainder of this school year, thanks. :)

Here's what I know. 

We will be posting all assignments, updates, information and communication on Teams, along with a checklist to follow.  The checklist for the week of March 30th gives you the option to break down the work into daily chunks, or to complete it at your own pace. Get to Teams by going to classlink: Classlink, logging on with your student ID and birthday, then clicking Office 365, then Teams. All work starting March 23 onward will be posted in the Assignments tab. It may be done at any point in the week and is due by Friday.  You may prove you have completed work by uploading it using the Turn In button in Assignments. 

I am unable to attach your work file here. If you are unable to access the work, I am happy to send you the file by email. :)

I will be posting video messages on Flipgrid and you can post them back. I can respond to you, and so can your classmates. You will see your friends posts all on one page.  No one can see the page except for members of our class. Since this is a public site I will not post any links here.

Your specials teachers will be sending work each week as well.


And From Ms. Canavan, a letter, and activities to be completed over the next month, if needed:


March 15, 2020


Greetings Students – I miss you already. I am hoping that you all stay well and continue to be active during our weeks off from school. Physical activity boosts your brain power and puts you in a good mood! I am sending a Drop Everything and Move Calendar (DEAM) for March. Try to do each activity on the day or be creative and make one up of your own. Include your siblings and entire family. You may wish to turn it in when we return but it is optional. I would love to display your hard work if you do bring it in!

Before we left, we were working in dribbling a playground ball or basketball and shooting on a modified height goal. Please continue practicing these activities at home if you have the equipment. I will provide cues below. If not, the goal is to be active for at least 20 -30 minutes a day. You can break this up into smaller intervals like 10 minutes 3x a day etc.

I am also providing review activities for Jump rope (everyone worked so hard during this unit) and dance. The important think is to find an activity that you love and be active each day.


Basketball Dribbling Skill Cues

Eyes up Use your finger pads--not your fingertips Keep ball at your side for control Keep ball at waist level or lower Keep the ball in your "foot pocket" which is done by dropping the right foot behind your left foot (right handers). This will help control the ball and protect it from defenders

Basketball Shooting:

Jump Rope Challenges (this video includes some of the most difficult tricks on our trick board but go at your pace!



1 Pick 3 different stretches that you learned in class - windmill, toe touch, straddle, sit n reach, V sit, Body fold, etc. Hold for ten seconds on each side

2 Lead Brain Gym Exercises with a friend or family member

3 Do as many curl-ups as you can – fitness gram style

4 March Madness: Take 64 imaginary jump shots.

5 Say your math facts while doing imaginary jump rope

6 Take a walk with an adult – tell them about your favorite PE activity

7 Kids should be active sixty minutes EVERY day! Do 60 jumping jacks.

8 Do as many burpees as you can in 30 seconds – Are you getting Cardiovascular Exercise? How do you know?

9 Play a tag game with family or friends – Make up a theme

10 Do as many mountain climbers as you can in 1 minute

11 Take 32 imaginary dunks and 16 cross-over dribbles.

12 Do push-up tap-taps while reciting your spelling words.

13 Take a walk with an adult – tell them how to tell if you are getting Cardiovascular Exercise

14 Run in place and name 3 reasons why you will never smoke or use tobacco.

15 See how long you can jump rope without missing – count reps or use a timer

16 Ride your bike -wear a helmet

17 Do as many squats kicks as you can – decide if you got Cardiovascular Exercise

18 Take 8 pretend bounce passes and 4 imaginary foul shots.

19 Perform squat-kicks while naming the continents.

20 Take a walk.

21 Hold a plank for at least 30 seconds

22 Pick 5 different muscles to stretch. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds.

23 Play outside – swings, slide, trampoline, hide and go seek

24 Do as many push-ups as you can using fitness gram form

25 Practice as many jump rope tricks that you remember from class

26 Read a book while doing a wall sit.

27 Get a hula hoop – spin it on body parts or jump rope

28 Do 8 burpees and 8 jumping jacks, remember to drink 8 glass of water a day

29 Drop everything and dance to your favorite song

30 Create a 10 minute exercise routine – including stretch, strength and cardio

31 Jog, bike, jump rope in a combination for at least 15 minutes – tell an adult how to tell if you are getting Cardiovascular Exercise.






Thanks for the privilege of teaching your wonderful children!






Don't forget to check out Twitter, I often post pictures of the class.  @rimaharp  

I am happy to answer any questions you may have; email any time!

Note: 2nd grade homework policy: 20 minutes of reading per night, iRead or a book, and math as needed, ideally 10 minutes of iReady 3 days per week.


Special Events:  

  • March 13 | Teacher Workday, No School
  • March 18 | Katha Stuart Community Meeting, 9:30 AM at Mimosa Elementary School
  • March 19 | Third Quarter Progress Reports available electronically in FCS Parent Portal 
  • March 19 | Second Grade Performance, PTA General Meeting, 6 PM PTA performance moved to 4/28
  • March 24 | Teacher Workday, No School
  • March 25 | Moxie Burger Spirit Night
  • April 6-10 | Spring Break, No School


Math: Math kids, heads up!  We are moving into word problems using coins; be familiar with and be able to identify each coin based upon size and worth. How many of each do you need to make $1?  :)

Soon after that, we will measure with inches AND centimeters! Measure stuff around your house...can't hurt! ;)

The above link can used to access all in-class resources from the math unit. Due to time constraints we aren't able to do all the examples every day, but we make a great effort to include a few from each section.

We are currently in Module 7

Grade 2 Module 7:  Problem Solving with Length, Money, and Data

Module 7 presents an opportunity for students to practice addition and subtraction strategies within 100 and problem-solving skills as they learn to work with various types of units within the contexts of length, money, and data.  Students represent categorical and measurement data using picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots.  They revisit measuring and estimating length from Module 2, though now using both metric and customary units.


Problem Solving with Customary and Metric Units

Lesson 24: Draw a line plot to represent the measurement data; relate the measurement scale to the number line.

Lessons 25–26: Draw a line plot to represent a given data set; answer questions and draw conclusions based on measurement data. 

End-of-Module Assessment


Writing: Lab Reports and scientific thinking
Reading: Nonficition topics across multiple books
Phonics: Concept of the week: to, two, and too

Phonics Homework Week of 2-24-2020  We will move the there, their and they're week of lessons to May and test it then.  They'll really know it by then!  ;)


To is used as a connection word in a sentence. The farmer is going to feed the animals.

Too is used in place of the word also OR it can mean a lot. Living on a farm is a lot of work, but it is a lot of fun too.

Two is used when talking about the #2. There are two pigs that live on the farm.

Red wordsmeasure and early


PBL (science/social studies):   Sun, Moon and Stars is now taught to other 2nd grade classes that cycle through for SEM (science/PBL). My homeroom's schedule is in the Enrichment Schedule tab at the top of this page. 
During our 4 weeks in this unit, Sun, Moon and Stars, we will investigate why we need the Sun, why does the shape of the Moon appear to change, and how can we better understand the stars and what we see of them?

In between EB, or Enrichment Block, units, our class will complete design thinking challenges and various health lessons dealing with nutrition, germs, safety, etc.  :)

Useful General Information: