Mr. Knowles' Fifth Grade

Daily Schedule:

Rotations start at 8:20 (or just after announcements)

8:20-9:50   Ms. Woodward's class

9:50-11:20 Ms. Bryson's class

11:20 -      Mr. Knowles' Homeroom

Mr. Knowles

Contact information:

School email address:

School phone #: 770-414-2740


I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and I instantly became a fan of the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots.  My family eventually moved to New Hampshire where I did most of my schooling.  I moved to Georgia about 10 years ago, and I went to college at the University of West Georgia.  I went to college to become a marine biologist and aquatic mammal trainer, and I came out of college as an elementary school teacher (I think it's about the same).  I worked in aquariums for years and years growing up, and I did everything from scrubbing fish tanks to feeding sharks to training seals.  I still wouldn't trade my job as a teacher.

When I'm not teaching, I'm either traveling or eating, or traveling and eating.  I've been to the Amazon Rain Forest, France, Germany, and most of the United States.  I am trying to go to see every baseball park in the U.S.  When I travel I love to try and find the best food.  This year I went to Phoenix, AZ to see the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium, and I got to eat at Pizzeria Bianco, the best pizza in the country.  I also got to Washington, D.C. to see the Washington Nationals new park, and I got to eat crabs fresh off the boat.  Of course I get up to Boston to see the Red Sox as much as I can.   In between traveling and eating, I spend time playing sports, camping, hiking, reading, and watching movies.