Extra Credit Challenges!!!

Here's how this works:

You do the extra credit challenges (some easy, some hard), and you'll get some extra credit.  The harder you work, the more credit you can get.  This can NEVER hurt your grades, but it can ALWAYS help your grades.  (This doesn't mean that you can sleep through class or make paper airplanes out of my tests).  These challenges will change every few weeks, and they'll each have a due date (you can turn them in before, but not after).

Social Studies

Challenge #1 : Imagine you are a soldier in the Civil War.  Write a letter to your parents, and tell them about your life as a soldier.  Things to include: Who are you fighting for?  Who are your commanders?  Where are you fighting?  What supplies do you have?  What foods are you eating?  What are you doing when you are not fighting?  You can use your imagination, but the information that you include must be accurate.  Please don't tell me you were eating pizza, and texting your friends.  (Worth 1 extra H.W. grade) Due by Oct. 23.

Challenge #2 : Create and present a timeline of the Civil War.  Start with the causes, and continue through Lincoln's death.  Include dates, people, places, and of course, events.  For each event, please include a brief description of what happened, and how it changed the war.  This timeline won't be hung in a museum, but it should be able to hang inside or outside of the classroom.  (Worth 2 extra H.W. grades) Due by Oct. 23.


Challenge #1: Create a rubric that we could use to judge which amusement park is the best.  Imagine that we could go on a field trip and visit all kinds of amusement parks (Disney World, Disney Land, Six Flags, Sea World, Universal Studios, etc., etc., etc.).  How would we know what park is the best (or worst)?  What categories are important?  How many levels would you use?  What criteria would meet each level?  (Worth 1 extra H.W. grade) Due by Oct. 30th.

Challenge #2 : Create and USE! a rubric to judge hamburgers.  I've got my own ideas of where to find the best hamburgers, and how to make the best hamburgers, but what do you think?  What categories are important?  What levels would you use?  What criteria would you include to meet each of the levels?  Use your rubric on at least 3 hamburgers, and show me what order they come in. The more the better, but don't try to eat them all in one day...  (Worth 2 extra H.W. grades) Due by Oct. 30th.