Welcome to the world of First Grade

This site is a reflection of the activities and events that take place with the Magical Ones in first grade. We hope you enjoy looking at all they are involved with.


What Children Learn in Greenie’s First Grade

•    They gain increasing self-awareness and a deeper understanding of the world around them.
•    They develop the dispositions to be learners – curiosity, independence, responsibility, initiative, creativity, willingness to take risks, to ask questions, and to persevere.
•    They acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be successful learners in language and literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, technology, and the arts. They apply these skills in everyday situations.
•    They function as contributing members of a community by developing social and emotional skills, such as self-control, cooperation, perspective taking, problem solving, and sharing responsibility.

Building a classroom community involves having daily class meetings, helping children learn to work collaboratively, and teaching children social problem-solving skills. When a classroom functions as a community, children experience a sense of belonging and a sense of empowerment that are essential to their well-being and their academic success.

My philosophy for teaching is that children learn best when they are active participants in their learning environment, and that the learning experiences connect to their lives.

I look forward to a great year that celebrates accomplishments of these first graders.