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Dec 11
Learning Target- Molecules make the building blocks of life.
Finish your
Stanley Miller Journal Notes
I will interrupt to do a demo!
(You need safety googles!, fire blanket, fire extinguisher,.. the number for 911;-)
You need your notebook/headphones. Take notes on what you do not already know.
Log on to your computer and complete the "BuildingBlocks 2019a"

Download, open it

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View full screen, slide by slide, so you do not miss content!

A mind expanded by a new idea never returns to its original shape- Thomas Jefferson

Today you leave the ignorance behind, see you on the other side,......
n your notebook, draw at least 1/2 page carbon cycle in color,
include in your drawing on land plants=coal formation, in the
ocean include phytoplankton,=oil, limestone,
mantle convection, plate tectonics, volcano off-gassing.Include the evidence for change over time, and be able torank them in importance. Geologic evidence of fossils,
Comparative anatomy, DNA comparisons,
Species distribution, Predictive power,
Observed and artificially driven evolution
Dec 12Complete the notes,"Building Blocks 2019a"and finish- In 50 minutes we will watch a really "Crude" movie. (How carbon cycles through the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere) 
Dec 13
Log onto your computer and complete your notes now, you have the hour.
Stanley Miller Journal Notes
View in full screen please, take the rest of the hour and half of tomorrow to take notes on and complete this:Building Blocks , download, enable macros and view full screen.
I gave my life to sponsor all your futures, please give my existence meaning. Open the PPT to see what the dead have still to teach us.

Dec 14


Dec 15
What is static discharge?Static Slide
The Force is strong in life
Electrical charges in
Earth's magnetosphere,
Lighting, Circuits. Capacitors
Dec 18
Dante's Peak Student movie guide 2017answers.docLog on to your computer andread this-VOLCANOES 101 2017.docSanta

When we move to the lab desks, turn off yourMS-ESS3-2Dante's Peak
We will then wrap up the post crude slide presentation before we talk about where atmospheric CO2 comes from, and thebenefits and problems with volcanoes.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSShIeE_BP-JGoJ5L12eAnJVQdK29Yaj2XmDV_ISO2e07TFFWZ7PQ
Dec 19MS-ESS3-2
external image kmplayer2013-01-0517-15-56-25.jpg
Please have out your "Dante's Peak Movie guide to correct. In Google classroom complete Volcanoes 101. Then finish your 30 slide PPT in Google Slides. When done, code, code like your life depends on it,...because it does.
Pros and Cons of Volcanoes
Create new islands and land.
Provide habitat to pioneer species.
Create economic mineral deposits.
Create beautiful landscapes.
Generate tourism.

Destroy old habitat and crops.
Destroy cities, towns, communities.
Displace populations.
Kill people and other animals.
Disrupt commerce.
Generate tsunamis.
Dec 20Learning Target- What are the benefits and risks of Volcanoes, and what minerals do they produce?computer monitor.Practice test one

Dec 21

Dec 22
Christmas Breakbegins No school for 10 days:-(