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Learning Target- Molecules make cells.

In the lab finish your cells and bio moleculesnotes. We will explore bio-molecules using Packing Peanuts and then glue in our notes, and DNA into our journals.
5 to 3 DNA GIF.gif
Read the Carbon Cycle and Smore Science Lab, we will start it as we finish the cut and paste.
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Jurassic Park





Jurassic Park


Jurassic Park


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Give examples in history of the statement that scientist were so preoccupied with if they could that they did not stop to ask if they should and apply question 7 to AI. What do you know aboutcoming evolution of AI?
Black Box of Dihydrogen oxide- The force is strong with Jedi Engel
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What are the four bio molecules, and what do you know about water?
Properties of Water-Amoeba Sisters
**Cell Craft**

Water Lab Boxes
High School orientation, or why YOU should pursue higher education
The most important assignment I could give, ever.

The list

Please take 4x6 card from lab desk one.
We will start THE most important assignment I could EVER give you.
DO NOT write your name on it.
List three CAREERS (not jobs, those JUST pay bills) you want and where/how you want to live
Sit at the lab desks,... we will start the list.

Friday- 2/23/18-You need your journal today.Nut allergies, SEE ME ASAP!

Use the syringes provided, to confirm Newton's Third law of motion,mathematically.

I need three sets of drawings showing how the water moves in the same size syringes.

I need three sets of drawings showing how the water moves in different sized syringes.

In your journal title one page-

Water Box Experiment - List materials provided in your write up.

You get to use water (Unlimited) a beaker, Graduated Cylinder, stop watch

(To function correctly, the "drain" tubecoming out of the bottom of the wooden box must be lower than the table top.)

Your observations must include time, (seconds) volume, (ml) and a diagram with the box measurements. You have 30 minutes to complete this. Show me your journal as you move to the other lab.

Monday we will open the box to see how close you were in your inferences.

Then start the "Who Stole Klyer's Cell Phone Lab?"

Wooden water lab boxes-making claims based on available evidence, testing the evidence)
Who took Kyler's Cell Phone Myster
(Teacher Instructions)
Nut allergies, SEE ME ASAP! Check out your new seats
Copy down in your journal what ever is on the front board,.... that you did not get on Friday.

We have a sub today because Mr.E is,...well,...lets face it,......sick.
In your journal title one page-
Water Box Experiment and then take a quicktest.

We will then move to the other lab and do a mini lab on submarines

(They also use the concepts of hydraulics.)
Biomolecules 2
I will get you started to let you see the detail you need, your notes should answer these questions:
Atoms that make up bio-molecules-
Organic molecules contain-
Methane diagram looks like-
"ose" means-
Lipids means-
Then take the same level of detailed notes on
DNA Structure and Function

Biomolecules lab
Biomolecules GIF.gif
You need notebook- (Get your free knowledge here, just provide the nearly empty container.)
Log on your computer and read-"Who took Kyler's Cell Phone Mystery"
You have 10 minutes.
AI Season Change
Then you have 15 minutes to lead Sheeple
Is it safe to get your DNA tested?-
How a siphon works
The Siphon
Typing DNA
Establish a stair siphon at your table using materials provided
Use the syringes provided to confirm Newton's Third law of motion mathematically.

In 25 minutes we will show how polar molecules using red green paper water molecule demo - cohesion
Cup of Newton (demo on Newton's Laws and polymers like DNA)
Learning Target- Molecules make cells.
Who took Kyler's Cell Phone Mysteryand wrap it up today
DNA Labeling

DNA Label.pngDNA Label cards.png
Learning Target- Molecules make cells.
Day in the life of a motor protein
Protein Synthesis (Updated)
Protein Synthesis lab from DNAFull day

leak proof bag
If you are done with the Plant/Animal cell and labeling all organelles and History of you notes read this-Bubble Lab&Bubble Lab walk through

1- You need your notebook, in it label one page genes. We need notes on three videos.
(Pre-note videos)
Order from Chaos
Self Assembly
MIT's self-assembling chair Viral Polio
external image biochemcon.gif
Note videos-
What is DNA** Stated clearly 5 min
What is a gene? Stated clearly 5 min
How do new genes evolve? Stated Clearly 

15 question quiz=150points
Mutations- Ameoba Sisters
then Mono/Dihybrid Cross Punnett Amoeba Sisters.
Bring a color picture of your favorite person
you would like to have have a kid with.
(Movie star etc.) in case you have time on
Thursday after you make your required kid.

FOIL Amoeba Sisters GIF.gif
Punnett Square GIF.gif

At your lab desk, read and complete Genetic Probability Candy Lab. (Same lab,... yet improved)
Learning Target-
Punnett Squares Faces
Finish gene combinations
Print off picture, identify donor of each each facial trait
Start Lab as soon as paired on a table.
Finish the Punnett Square lab, use the gene pairs to tell you the number code range. Select the numbered drawing that looks the most like the trait selected done screen shot (Ctrl+Alt+PrtSrn)
your most likely "Kid" then paste into paint, select and cut JUST the kids picture and then paste into a Word doc. Create a text box and tell me where each trait on the face came from- i.e.- Dad's nose,

Mom's eyes etc. I will post a video of how to do this in the morning. Print off three pictures, one for each "parent" and one that I will use to grade. This is a
"test" grade=400 points
Karyotype Map GIF.gif

In the computer lab, sit so your lab partners are on either side of you. Log on and correct your Genetic Probability Candy Lab then complete the Punnett Square make the faces of the future lab.

Then log onto your computer and complete;Punnett squares make the face of the future lab

Solar Probe Fly with me to the sun! (Do not worry,.. we will go at night!?)

On a sad note, I regret to inform you that the entire Aput hockey team drowned during spring training.

You need your journal as we will take some notes on natural selection.

1-In the computer lab, sit so your lab partners are on either side of you. Have your kid with you by the end of the hour.

2-Then select this link.

3- Then look at natural selection in the age of AI.

4- AI for people in a hurry.

5- Natural Selection
Each person should make and complete the following Punnett square on their own whiteboard and hold it up when class starts. Dad = Bb Mom = bb
Question of the day: What are genes and are genes evidence for Evolution?
Evidence for evolution
We have some notes to take on four movie clips and then we will paste the notes into our note books.
Each are about five minute segments. When done, finish reviewing the parts of cells.
Natural Selection
1- With your notebook, sit at the granite lab desk be ready to take notes the whiteboard video clip.
Look over your science notebook, outlineand your review science materials from 6th, 7th grade.
Are Plants Conscious? - YouTube
The Secret Social Life of Plants
**Tomato talk,** **birch** **trees learn, Plant dignity**
Capillary action and paper chromo
Balloon and Water
Static 2
Bottle and water

quick labs
Bending water stream
Bending water stream
Charged balloon near water stream
Charged balloon near water stream
Water coming out of the tap in a stream
Water coming out of the tap in a stream


You need your headphones, then log on to your computer in your new seats and 
Cut and staple your three pages into your notebook (4 min.) and be ready to take notes when class starts. on these clips, in order:
AI Explained in 101 Seconds
Drew Berry: Animations of unseeable biology
Endosymbiotic Theory
Genetic Variation
What is Natural Selection?SC Handout
Natural Selection AS
The Origin of Flight--What Use is Half a Wing? | HHMI BioInteractive Video
Nowhere to hide
Evolution of thought 2018
Adapt or Die
You have until Thursday to complete these links.


Phet- Most Likely Bunny to survive.

Mosa Mack Reproduction.png

Who killed the Player? Crime mystery


Bring a color picture of your favorite person you would like to have have a kid with. (Movie star etc.) in case you have time on Friday after you make your required kid.
  • Priyanka Chopra. ...
  • Matthew Noszka
  • Selena Gomez.....
  • Zayn Malik
  • Kate Upton. ...
  • Douglas Booth
  • Taylor Swift. ...
  • Adam Peaty

Who is your daddy?
Where did I come from?
Natural Selection
Then open this link and with each part, create a tag that has its name on one side, chemical makeup and function on the back side. (Review for MME andNWEA in six weeks.)

Learning Target- Molecules make cells.
Remember there is no talking in the computer lab, you brain needs to be in a cyberspace!
Punnet Square instructions/Notes Zork/Dragon/Bird Punnet
Adapt or Die
Evolution at warp drive HHMI
I need some help with a project:
Evolution of thought
Closer look
Gesture control
Honey on Tap
Google Cardboard
Glass gesture
Glass Facial
Graphic Organizers
Mind Map Google
Human Prezi
2.0 Tools
Tools to use
Zcorp 3D Printer 650
Iphone case

Adapt or Die
1-Finish your Adapt or Die lab from yesterday, Friday we will have a quiz over Adapt or die.

A 100-Drone Swarm, Dropped from Jets, Plans Its Own Moves

Go to this link in your google account and read it- How to build an off road electric car.Natur.png
We will take a quick notes on- What caused life's Major Evolutionary Transition and Natural Selection in Bacteria
David Simpson Post Human

WEIT Perfect EG

IMAX Comic Voyage,
Powers of 10- 35 min.

Carbon 14 Radioactive Decay Game
Radioactive Decay Carbon 14 Lab should be done today.
Radioactive Decay Carbon 14 Lab is due tomorrow at start of class/Half-life quiz

Open this Radioactive decay note link

Then watch this.Click here.

Then complete this link-Radioactive Decay in Carbon 14.

Murder mystery Who killed the player?

Warm up- CSI
Who is the suspect
Air wars Lab

BN Evolution

The magic of Fibonacci number

Genes through deep time- Go to Google Classroom


Genes through deep time- Go to Google Classroom

Bring your cents, Pair and prepare

Faces of the Future Lab

Open doors and pull out chairs for female

Get a great job so you can get a great coat-Canada Goose Parka
1,000 Google Chrome Experiments
Chrome Games

Convection in Candy Lab
Google Cardboard
Graphic Organizers
Mind Map Google
Human Prezi
2.0 Tools
Tools to use
Watch the Video of this Project

Hurricane in the bottle Lab 1d E4.3E
E4.p3C E4.p3B E4.p3AE3.4e


Fountain of youth
4- D Printing
Into the Storm

Find your new computer and lab seats. For the rest of the year, at the end of the class, remain in your seats until dismissed. Complete this link-Create a DNA Fingerprint Then complete the "Crime Lab" in Google Classroom. You have 40 minutes. When you think you can prove who did it, check out these one or two links-

Crash Scene Investigation

CSI Web Adventure

Fingerprint Classification

Go Cognitive Change Blindness Game

Crime Scene: The Case of the Barefoot Burglar

The Art of Crime Detection

Perp Walk - A Game of Science and Lies

Argo Float Lab

BBC - History - World Wars: The Battle of the Atlantic Game

BBC - History: World War Two

Sub hunt
Cell review/DNA Lab

Learning Target- Molecules make the building blocks of life. 

Step 2- Make a molecular sketch of each the four major groups of bio-molecules. (Water as a bio-molecule is implied) We will watch two clips from the Amoeba sisters, Water and Biomolecules

Step 4- As you wait for computer to start, read and complete the Designer DNA and

I urge people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total elimination of the chemical "dihydrogen monoxide."

And for plenty of good reasons, since:

it can cause excessive sweating and vomiting

it is a major component in acid rain

it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state

accidental inhalation can kill you

it contributes to erosion

it decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes

it has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients

Carbon Cycle Lab Computer sites

When we are done with the movie and study guide, we will do the Carbon Cycle Labat the computer
(Minimum effort=Minimumwage)Arizona splits offDrones look at the big crack
Did the Universe Begin as a Simple 1-D Line?
Could Extraterrestrials Really Invade Earth, and How?
What's at the Center of Black Holes?
\Why Are Planets Round?
Would Humans Born On Mars Grow Taller Than Earthlings?
How to Build a Death Star
Pooping in a Spacesuit Is As Complicated As It Sounds
Flying Saucers to Mind Control: 22 Declassified Military & CIA Secrets
Zombies Would Wipe Out Humans in Less than 100 Days