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Grades should represent what has been learned to that point in time. As teachers, I have a responsibility to tailor our instruction to meet the different learning needs of all students. I make every possible effort to motivate and ensure that all students achieve a high level of learning but it is ultimately the student's responsibility to listen, participate, study, and complete work, all of which are reflected in their grades. I can only open the door to your future, you must choose to walk through it!

The following scale is used for letter grades:

A+ = 100%
A = 93-99%
A- = 90-92%
B+ = 87-89%
B = 83-86%
B- = 80-82%
C+ = 77-79%
C = 73-76%
C- = 70-72%
D+ = 67-69%
D = 63-66%
D- = 60-62%
F = below 60%

Grades for each subject are determined by a combination of points earned on assignments and points earned on tests. Assignments are worth 10% of the grade and tests are worth 90%

Assignments are typically begun in class and completed there. Students who finish their assignments during class time, may never have homework. The daily planner is used to keep track of assignments given.

Tests may be retaken after a serious effort is made to relearn the information through the class Moodle site.

Parents are encouraged to help their child keep track of their grades through the use of the Wiki page, online gradebook, and contacting teachers.