French 2 homework (Devoirs)


Use of 'L'imparfait et le passé composé


Venir, le passé récent, depuis, pendant, il y a + (time). Verbs devoir, vouloir, pouvoir, le passé composé et l'imparfait: and the passé récent.pptx of time presentation.pptx


semaine du 15 au 18 octobre

lundi: No classes

mardi: Due: Cahier de l'élève pg. 49-50

mercredi: handout activities A and B

jeudi: study for quiz : Comparatives and superlatives of adjectives and adverbs pages 76-77 and handout

vendredi:  take notes about double object pronouns on pages 78-79


semaine du 21 au 25 octobre

luéééééééélèndi:  Cahier de l'élève pg. 52-53

mardi: No homework

mercredi: Make flashcards of of vocabulary words on page. 124.

jeudi: Study for LB.2 quiz

vendredI: VHL activities assigned on Tuesady are due today.


semaine du 28 octobre au 1er novembre

lundi:  Cahier de l'élève pg. 57-58 . VHL activities assigned on Friday are due Wednesday

mardi: Textbook Pg. 94-95 #1-3. Finish VHL activities.

mercredi: Study for quiz: La routine quotidienne vocabulary, reflexive verbs and L.2A Roman-photo.

jeudi: Cahier de l'élève pg. 63-64

vendrediFinish pg. 64 if you haven't and VHL activities are due Wednesday


semaine du 4 au 8 novembre

lundi: Cahier de l'élève pg. 66

mardi: Cahier de l'élève pg. 67 and 69. Finish VHL activities

mercredi: Textbook pg. 102 #5, Pg. 106 #6 . Write paragraphs in a separate sheet of paper.

jeudi: Finish reflexive verbs (present tense) worksheet

vendredI: cahier de l'élève pg. 77  (1rst period only). Start working on the paragraphs about daily routine.


semaine du 11 au 15 novembre

lundi: Complete the paragraphs about daily routine in the present and past tense and VHL activities.

Complete the reflexive verbs (past tense) worksheet (2nd period only) if you haven't finished in class.

mardi: Cahier de l'élève pg. 78 Ex.#4 and 5 and VHL activities.

mercredi: Finish VHL activities and study for the test : Vocabulaire 2B "J'ai mal". Be able to describe your health,symptoms, diagnostic, treatments and reflexive verbs in the present tense, past tense and the imperative form as well as in the "imparfait" .Pay attention to the irregular conjugation of the verb s'asseoir (pp. 101 and 113) and agreements.

jeudi: cahier de l'élève pg.80

vendredi: cahier de l'élve pg.81

* Please mark your calendars: Thursday December 5th is the Semester ExamGrammar and Vocabulary from Preliminary Chapter and Chapters 1, 2 and 3 A will be included. 


semaine du 2 au 6 décembre

lundi: Finish review packet up to Activity E (verbes SAVOIR ET CONNAÎTRE)

Study for midterm on Thursday.

Guide d’étude mi terme 2018-2019 -  

D’accord ! 2 & Notes

Unité préliminaire

Vocabulaire :  Chez nous

Les parties d’une maison/chez soi (pp 18-19,52)

Les tâches ménagères/Les appareils ménagers (pp 32,33,52)

Structure :

  • Le passé composé vs l’imparfait, l’emploi de l’imparfait et du passé composé (pp 26-29 + notes)
  • L’accord du participe passé (notes)
  • Les verbes SAVOIR ET CONNAÎTRE (pp.42-43)

Unité 1 :

Vocabulaire :  La nourriture

Quel appétit !  Les viandes, les poissons, les légumes, les fruits, autres aliments (pp 54-55, 88)

À table ! Les repas, les achats (pp.68-69,88)

Structure :

  • Le verbe VENIR et le passé récent, DEVENIR, REVENIR, TENIR, MAINTENIR, RETENIR (pp.62)
  • Depuis, pendant, il y a + [time] (pp.63,88 + notes)
  • Les verbes devoir, vouloir, pouvoir au présent, au passé composé, à l’imparfait (pp.64,65)
  • Comparatives and superlatives of adjectives and adverbs (pp 76-77 + notes)
  • Double object pronouns(pp.78-79+ notes) - pronoms d'objet direct et indirect

Unité 2 :

Vocabulaire :  La santé

La routine quotidienne, dans la salle de bains, le corps (pp 90-91,124)

J’ai mal ! la sante, la forme (pp 104,105,124)

Structure :

  • Les verbes réfléchis et réciproques, les verbes pronominaux à sens idiomatique au présent, au passé composé, à l’imparfait, à l’impératif (pp 98 -99, 100-101,112-113,124, + notes)
  • Le verbe s’asseoir (p. 101)
  • Les pronoms EN et Y (114,115 + notes)

Unité 3 :

Vocabulaire :  La technologie

Le son et l’image (pp 126-127)


semaine du 7 au 10 janvier 2020 

Devoirs pour le mardi 7 janvier    


1.Lire et préparer la leçon sur les verbes réciproques pg. 136

2.Cahier de l’élève pg.95 activité #3 et 4.


Devoirs pour le mercredi 8 janvier

1. Make a list of Unité 3 Leçon 3B Pg. 140 « En voiture ! » /Pg.160 «La voiture », « Verbes », pg.148, Verbes pronominaux réciproques pg.160 /reciprocal reflexives pg. 136.

Divide vocabulary into the following sections: nouns, verbs; highlight cognates.

2. Textbook pg.142 #7


Quiz : vendredi le 9 janvier

Pg. 136 – verbes réfléchis, vocabulaire 3B



semaine du 13 au 17 janvier 2020 


lundi: Cahier de l'élève pp.105 and 106 #4, take notes on "Le conditionnel" pp.150-151 and watch the tutorial on VHL. Be ready and write any questions or doubts you have to discuss in class.


mardi: Cahier de l'élève pp.107-109 up to ex.4.


mercredi:  Write a paragraph with at least 15 verbs, underlined/highlighted written in the conditional tense. Pg. 150


jeudi:  Study for quiz : the verbes ouvrir and offrir (pp. 148-149) and "Le conditionnel (pp. 150-151)

vendredi: Begin learning the vocabulary for Unit 4.1 No classes on Monday – see you Tuesday, January 21.


semaine du 21 au 24 janvier No Test this week  

Tuesday – no test this week. Please Answer questions on pg. 144/145 and complete writing started in class.

Writing activity: describing a time when the car you were riding in broke down. What happened?

include at least 15 words from the unit vocabulary, underlined/highlighted written in the past tense.


Wednesday – Please  complete cahier de l’élève -contextes pg. 113-114 activities 1-3

Thursday – Please complete cahier de l’élève Act #4

Friday – Discuss all the details for the practice exams that will be done in class for the next 5 weeks in preparation of taking the National French Contest (Le grand Concours) in the Spring. Study vocabulary for Unit 4.1


semaine du 27 au 31 janvier


Write a paragraph with at least 15 vocabulary words, underlined/highlighted and written in the past tense.

Quiz is on Thursday: 4.A vocabulary, Roman Photo, verbs ouvrir , offrir and "le conditionnel".

Tuesday –

Finish writing activity and answer questions # 1 and 2 of textbook pg. 166/167


………………You may need to read over Roman-Photo on pages 166-167


Wednesday cahier de l’ élève Pg. 121 – Structures due Friday

                           - Study for quiz: 4A vocabulary related to banking, the post office and business           

                             establishments  Roman -Photo 4.1 and verbs ouvrir , offrir and "le conditionnel".

Thursday – cahier de l’élève pg. 121 – Structures

Friday –  Cahier de l’élève Pg. 122 – Structures


semaine du 3 au 7 février, 2020

lundi :

Quiz is on Thursday: 4. A structures

C.E pg. 121



C.E Pg. 122 Ex. 3-5 and pp. 124/125  Ex. 1-4.

If not finished in class do the communication activity #4 on pg. 171 (Write questions and answers)


Study for quiz: 4A structures. Extra-credit “ Le vocabulaire du métro”


For Monday- C. E pg. 128 and copy vocabulary “Retrouver son chemin” et “Pour donner des indications” on pg. 196


First online practice exam in preparation of taking the National French Exam in the Spring -  Practice Exam 1- Level 2 Vocabulary/Grammar . If you were absent, please make sure to do the practice at home with the necessary requirements explained in class on Friday January 24 th and that you ask me to initial your practice log. A picture of the practice results will be require for my initial on that practice. 



semaine du 10 au 14 février, 2020



VHL activities due Wednesday and C.E pg. 127

Quiz is on Thursday: 4.B et Roman Photo




C.E Pg. 128




Study for quiz: 4B vocabulary and Roman-Photo. Extra-credit “Expressions utiles” pg. 181.



Finish VHL activities


semaine édu ééé18 au 21 février, 2020



VéHéL activities due Friday

 Structures 4B.1 Le futur simpéle  Act. 1&2 C.E Pg. 133

Quiz is on Friday: 4B.1& 4B.2 -Structures Le futur simple




C.E Pg. 136 & 137 Act. #1 and 3




Study for quiz: Structures 4B.1& 4B.2: Le Futur Simple of regular verbs, spelling-change -er verbs and verbs with an irregular stem. Extra-credit: Vocabulaire – Des magasins pg. 183.



Finish VHL activities (due Monday)

Writing: Description of a new business using linking words- textbook pg. 194-195 (due next Thursday)

Assignment over the weekend :

Practice the 2019 Practice test ( Le Grand Concours Review Materials)       

Go to      
Log in with your username and password, and practice Level 2 2019. Take a picture with your phone of your score at the end of test and show me in class on Monday. Write the answers in a sheet of paper and bring to class Monday.


semaine du 24 au 28 février, 2020

lundi le 24 février

1.Refaire l'exercice 3 en employant Si + imparfait ------------ conditionnel present (p. 186 #3)

Exemple: si on m'invitait à une fête samedi soir je danserais toute la nuit.

2- Écrivez le vocabulaire du cours p.198 et faites l'activité 2 p. 199

3.VHL activities


mardi le 25 février


Lisez "Les stratégies d'écriture à la page 194.

1- Using linking words

2- Without linking words

3- with linking words

4- Linkings words

5- Faites la description du commerce que vous allez ouvrir en répondant aux questions du livre

a) Quel sera le nom du commerce? 

b) Quels types de commerce voulez allez ouvrir?

Répondez à toutes les questions ( il y en a 7 ! )



mercredi le 26 février

1- Complétez les stratégies d'écriture 3, 4 et 5 p. 195

Ecrivez votre paragraphe avec des interlignes ( double-spaced) 

2- VHL activities


semaine du 2 au 6 mars, 2020

lundi le 2 mars

Do activities #1 and 2 textbook pg. 202/203

mardi le 3 mars

Do cahier de l’élève pg. 147-148 Act. #1,2, 3,4

mercredi le 4 mars

Study for the test 5A vocabulary and Roman-Photo

jeudi le 5 mars

No homework

vendredi le 6 mars

No homework



semaine du 9 au 11 mars, 2020

lundi le 9 mars

Finish writing by Wednesday


A.Lisez "Les stratégies d'écriture à la page 194.

1- using linking words

2- without linking words

3- with linking words

4- linkings words

5- Faites la description du commerce que vous allez ouvrir en répondant aux questions du livre

a) Quel sera le nom du commerce? 

b) Quels types de commerce voulez allez ouvrir?

Répondez à toutes les questions ( il y en a 7 ! )

B. Complétez les stratégies d'écriture 3, 4 et 5 p. 195

Ecrivez votre paragraphe avec des interlignes ( double-spaced) 

(or skip a line when you write and use your best handwriting possible) Merci!

-Utilisez des mots de liaison, le vocabulaire de l'unité 4, les verbes voir, recevoir, apercevoir et croire, des expressions négatives et le futur simple.

- Utilisez au moins 15 phrases.

(10 points for vocabulary and spelling + 10pts. for grammar + 10 pts. for style and creativity = 30 points

mardi le 10 mars

- Read about “Les Syndicats et grèves en France”, “Les fonctionnaires “ and “L’argent” Pg. 220-221 and answer comprehension questions #1 and 2.
- Also read about “L’écologie, L’énergie nucléaire and L’écotourisme (Pg. 242-243) and answer questions to act. 1 and 2 in a separate sheet of paper. I will collect after spring break.


mercredi le 11 mars

Finish FVLS and any missing assignment



Date: March 29th, 2020

Dear Pine View families,

I hope that your family is doing well and that everyone has been able to enjoy and stay safe during our extended absence from school. In an effort to provide an enhanced level of stability for our students during this unprecedented school closure, our district has developed an Instructional Continuity for Academic Needs Plan to help ensure that our students are provided with multiple learning opportunities until we can return to school.

Beginning April 1rst, I will post our weekly lesson plan on blackboard with activities for the week. These activities may include online learning opportunities through FLVS, seesaw, gimkit, quizalize, quizziz, quizlet etc. It is my hope that you find these opportunities beneficial and to continue your learning over the next few weeks.

During each week, I will contact each of you for support, guidance, and personalized instruction as needed. If you need to reach me please do so via google voice phone at (305) 692-0979 or email: . My office hours are Monday- Friday 9-12 pm.

I know that this is a new and unknown method of learning for all of us but know that we are engaging in this new opportunity with an abundance of compassion and grace. I am excited to support you in these learning opportunities and in this new delivery method, and please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions.

I am excited to connect with you soon!


Mrs. Greig


lundi le 30 mars,2020


I hope you all are doing well and thank you for cooperating in this transition to remote learning.

Please know that I sent an email today to your email address on MySCS, and I also sent an email on Saturday to yourself and your legal guardian on file with Gradebook at Pine View. However, please be aware that I can't change the email that is listed on Gradebook as some of you have asked me to do.  You should be using your Sarasota county school e-mail.

Please complete the Online Survey by April 1rst.

Instructions for self-enrolling to French II on Blackboard classroom

Go to BB

Class Search – Greig French II

Click GO

Click on small gray circle

Click on enroll

Click submit

It should say "Success" and you can see the course now in BB under MY CLASSES

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Monday April, 6th, 2020

Dear students,

I hope you had a great weekend!

I am having difficulty arranging a zoom meeting that is compatible with everybody's schedule.Please let me know if Wednesday or Thursday is better for the National French contest and at what time?

I will be posting assignments on Blackboard . I am available through Google voice and e-mail. Please make sure that you are completing your activities on VHL and uploading a screen shot of your work on Blackboard.

Thank you and stay safe,
Mrs. Greig