French 7th grade

Bonjour et bienvenue à la classe de français!

In French 7th grade we will learn more about French culture.In a very dynamic way we will acquire new vocabulary and grammar concepts and develop our listening and speaking abilities.We will have time for group projects, presentations, skits, songs.


For your information, it is my policy to return the tests we take weekly after all students have made up the test.

I update this webpage for communication purposes, but make sure you also check your agenda. It will lead you to this week's homework, classwork and monthly calendar.  Homework will be started in class. At times you may not finish your work. If this occurs, the in-class assignment will then become homework.

The homework assignments listed weekly on the webpage are not definite. I may add/delete assignments on a moment's notice.  All homework done from the textbook/workbook must be neatly written , and always in pencil, unless otherwise specified.


I look forward to having a fantastic school year together!


À bientôt


Mme Greig