Griggs Nation

Welcome to Griggs Nation Online!!!

I try to always do what is best for my students and my students parents.  This is why I have created this website full of tools and links to better aide you, the parent, in partnering with me in your student's education. I do my best to make the lessons in my classroom as fun and accessable as possible to increase student understanding, recall, and enjoyment.  I attempt to provide a similar educational experience for my student's parents as well.  To access any of the Parent Education Night videos, click the "Parent Education Night Digital Video Library" tab above. I also have a few lesson videos available if you click on the "Video Vault" tab above.  

In the words of Riney Jordan, "Today I will do more than I have to do," Debbie Allen, "Out of limitations comes creativity," and Audrey Hepburn, "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible." We are Griggs Nation

Mr. Griggs