Ensuring Equitable Digital Access in the Classroom

Technology in today’s classrooms is becoming increasingly important. As we advance as a society and our students needs for learning change, education and instruction have to adapt! Bringing different types of technology into the classroom is a great way to garner student attention and engage kids in learning. A major focus of technology integration is ensuring that there is equitable digital access for all students that will step foot in the classroom. This means that teachers, administrators, and school districts must be diligent about the purchase of devices, monitoring the use of these devices, and planning for how to utilize device time on a daily basis.

              School districts and administrators can ensure equitable digital access by purchasing enough devices such as chromebooks, ipads, tablets, or desktop computers for each student to have their own.  While this is possible in some districts, it is not possible in others.  In districts where there are more students than electronic devices, teachers must plan for students to share the devices. Teachers can monitor the amounts of time students spend on particular apps and programs to ensure that each student has an equal opportunity to use technology in the learning environment.  It is beneficial for teachers to develop a schedule and stick to that schedule so that no students get unsupervised or extra time that other students do not get. It can also help teachers to set up stations in the classroom and have students on a rotation system so that students can get multiple types of instruction in a set amount of time. Technology is not always available at home for students and it is up to teachers to make certain that students receive equal time and equal opportunities to enhance achievement and success.


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