Internet and Email Safety

Internet and email safety are very important topics and in today’s time it is even more important. Students need to learn from a very young age how to be safe on the internet. Basic safety rules and supervision are the best protections for a student online. A student should be instructed on what websites are safest to visit and what sites are not safe. They should also be instructed on what information is appropriate to share. Most importantly they need to know that when something is posted online that it is there to stay. These safety precautions will give students the best protection online.

Email safety like internet safety needs to be taught from a young age. Email needs to follow the same safety precautions and students need supervision when using it. It is also crucial that they learn who it is safe to communicate with and who not to communicate with along with what information is safe to share. Students need to learn not to share vital location information with someone they don’t know. Internet and email safety are important and lifelong lessons that should be taught from a young age and reinforced each school year and through out the school year as necessary.


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