What is Netiquette?


Netiquette is a term used to describe the appropriate use of the internet or "internet etiquette". Some examples of netiquette are: avoiding offesensive posts, spam, "trolling" others posts, swearing, and simply thanking others for their online help. 

In our world today, netiquette is essential in the job market to establish professionalism. Many times employers will recruit employees through social media sites and therefore, it's crucial to use netiquette. 


Here are some videos that highlight the importance of netiquette: 




Internet Sources: 





Cyberbullying is a common type of bullying that occurs online between individuals of all ages. It can include the act of bullying someone through comments, posts, or even pictures and videos. To stop cyberbullying, we must report any person who violates the policies listed on a given site. For example, Twitter states that you should save any evidence of cyberbullying and report it immediately. The site also gives the option to unfollow and block other users. 


Cyberbullying Video:




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