How to Unlock a Facebook Account?


We all know that Facebook has taken the security of its users more seriously due to the hike in the hacking attempts of Facebook accounts and thus, introduced a strong security system for restricting the number of hackers as well as spammers on the platform. So, whenever Facebook suspects any of your activities on the platform as suspicious, it will immediately lock your Facebook account. 

Facebook will not bother whether you’ve done it intentionally or unintentionally rather it just sends you notifications like ‘Facebook Disabled Account | Facebook Suspended Account |Facebook Account is temporarily locked for security reasons.’ 

Well, if you want, you can also visit the Facebook Help Center page to get a more detailed explanation for a suspended, disabled, or temporarily locked Facebook account. 

But, to be precise, if you receive such notifications then, this simply means, you no longer be able to access your account via just logging in to it. Instead, you need to try out the following below-mentioned options either to unlock your locked Facebook account, to recover your Facebook suspended account, or to re-enable your Facebook disabled account

  • Take Help from Facebook Friends: You can click on the ‘Get help from friends’ option on the ‘Facebook Security Page’ to verify your identity on Facebook.



That’s all! Hopefully, now you know how you can unlock your Facebook account if locked | disabled | suspended mistakenly. Still, if you need further assistance regarding how to unlock a Facebook account, you can visit for the same.


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