How to Unlock Snapchat Account?

Snapchat as a social media app has proved at every stage that it stands with its users if they face any trouble. In some cases, you also have seen that if your account is locked in any way Snapchat provides you many options to unlock it. Let us see what are these unlock options of Snapchat.

The first way is to use a specific page for unlocking your locked account. To do this, go to this link to open the unlocking page and log in with your Email address or Mobile Number and Password. Once logged in successfully, click on the “UNLOCK” option to unlock your Snapchat Account. This method is very useful if Snapchat temporarily locked your account.

The other way is to use the common user redressal platform at and follow the instructions to open the complaint form. Now, write the situation you are facing with all the details along with your account E-mail Address and Mobile Number. After proper verification within 48 hrs, the team unlock the Snapchat account

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