February Journal



FEBRUARY 21 - Today we reviewed 9.5 homework and did a sample review problem in class. Students are to have written the homework down and started in class - objective is to complete all of the measures of Center & measures of Variance, as well as to check your work! This is in preparation for the test tomorrow.

The REVIEW HOMEWORK can be found HERE.  The ANSWERS can be found HERE.


FEBRUARY 20th =   Today we investigated Chapter 9, Section 5; Mean Absolute Deviation. Ms. Gullick will be reviewing all five (5) sections of Chapter 9 with students as much as possible. Note that there will be a test on the 22nd. Please come in during lunch if you are having difficulty with this chapter or any of the sections covered last week. Homework tonight is to complete the textbook Exercises, #3 - #6, #9 - #13, and #18 - #20.


FEBRUARY 12 - 16  Ms. Gullick is out this week. Students are to refer to their Agenda Books for classroom assignments.

FEBRUARY 9   Review of homework from Section 1. Discussion regarding Section 2 and a few notes. Math Starter today and students who have been instructed will be taking a small assessment on Monday in order to improve their scores to show demonstration of understanding.

FEBRUARY 8 - Students did a Math Frenzy warmup today. We will be doing these daily to reinforce previous learning. Followed up with an introductory lesson on Chapter 9, Section 1 - Statistical Data. Homework is from Section 1; problems #8 - #16 even, #17 - #29 all. There is also a PuzzleTime handout which was required to be completed. Additionally, some students were provided with a handout on Chapter 8 (supplement) that is required work for them this evening. 


FEBRUARY 6 - Started the day with a Math Frenzy - students have three minutes to answer some questions. Followed up with review of the homework and then a review sheet to work in class. SPOILER ALERT: ANSWERS ARE: A,C,C,A,B,C,A,D,C,B.


FEBRUARY 5 - Surface area review (homework). Visual spatialization is a difficult concept for all students. Please continue to work on this skill at home. Geometric thinking prepares students to creatively visualize objects in various positions and different perspectives. Following review of SA for prisms and pyramids, we moved on to one example of Volume (for rectangular prisms only). Students given a handout for homework and are to complete SA and Volume for each rectangular prism. Show all work - or no credit.

FEBRUARY 2 - Started off with a Frenzy (Fluency) testing multiplication skills up to 12. Reviewed homework. We moved on to Section 3 today and demonstrated using algebraic formulas for calculating surface area for prisms and pyramids. Students received a handout reference sheet to use for tonight's homework and the homework is also a handout - 10 problems - to be completed for tomorrow. Problems need to be worked out showing all steps.

FEBRUARY 1 - Students learned about drawing polyhedron and finding surface area yesterday. Today was a continuation of that lesson. Homework was from Section 2, pg 364, #12 - #21.