ND: First Night


During the First Night, the Mathematic Content discussed includes:

1. The importance of "1".

2. Fractions using "1".

3. Creating all the whole numbers mathematically using only "1"s

(mathematical symbols and the order of operations)
Example:  (1*1*1)/3  = 1

4. Palindromes and other symmetrical patterns created

Example: (111x111=12321, 1111x1111=1234321).


Activities to Complete

1. Complete a Literary Web map on one of the two main characters. Draw a picture of the character you chose in the center circle. Your drawing must be in pencil and colored in neatly. List eight (8) descriptions of the character based on your reading.  


2. Take a Post-It sticky note, fold it in half and then cut on the line. Fold and then cut one half piece in half. Continue to repeat this process. What fraction of the original can you get to? Take pictures of your work. Paste your pictures onto a regular piece of paper (letter size).


3. Using the Order of Operations and any mathematical operations you wish, use only the number "4" to create a math sentence to equal the number "2". Then continue this process (again, using only the number "4") and create a math sentence equal to the number "3". Continue for each whole number through 10. The number "1" has been done for you as an example: (4/4 = 1).


4. Define a Palindrome. List five (5) palindromic words that you have found. Create five (5) palindromic numbers.