ND: Second Night

During the Second Night, the Mathematical Content discussed includes:

1. Roman Numerals

2. The importance of zero.

3. Link to negative numbers.

4. Squared numbers & exponents (Hopping)

5. Expanded notation


Activities to Complete:


1. What do you think our world would be like without the number zero? Describe (in writing) a scenario (scene/story) to show what you think it would be like.


2. Complete the handout to convert Roman Numerals to Standard and vica versa.


3. On unlined paper (I will provide it for you) create a timeline. 0 will represent the year you were born. Using positive and negative whole numbers to represent the number of years before and after your birth, list events that happened that are relevant to you and your family. {Example: 3 would represent 3 years after your were born. -5 would represent 5 years before you were born}. Include four events that happened after your birth and four events that happened before your birth.


4. Define expanded notation in your own words. Write the number 386,205 in expanded notation.