Homeschool Summer


We are on a great big homeschool journey here in North Texas and you are invited to join us as we go through the homeschooling years and beyond. Welcome to the official website for Homeschooling Activities and More North Texas, or HAAMNTX.  

It’s officially Summer Break.

Here is an idea starter.  Have your children make a book of summer memories.  One way to do this is to give your child a camera and let them take pics of what they think is going to be a great memory...anything from finding a bug in the yard, playing with friends, family pet bath time, bar-b-que and roasting marshmallows, baseball or other sports, simple moments...that’s summer memories😁

Each week, have your child work on his or her project.  If they love writing, it would be fun to add some words to tell about the pictures taken.  If no camera is available, have your children draw pics or write about the summer week in review. 

When summer is over you will have a very nice book of memories created by your super star(s) ready to show off to family and friends.

One More Idea Starter:  Kindness Club.  Now that there is a little more free time on everyone’s hands, have the kids start a Kindness club for them, and friends, and family!  Kindness counts for just about anything nicely done....ideas: draw pictures and bring them to nursing homes (visit with the elderly while there or drop off artwork and ask the management if they will share with the seniors who have no family visitors;  Kindness to Mom/Dad:  it would be kind of cute to offer a contest to see which of your children could win at Kindness to the mom or dad...of course everyone is the winner here💕

if you have an only child, have he or she pick a date to pamper both mom and dad with kindness.  

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Happy Summer!  Happy month of June