Language Arts

Feb. 15, 2011

No HW! Students will take a test on Thursday over the play "The Lottery". (We read this play in class earlier this week). 

Feb. 7, 2011

This week students will write a persuasive essay in response to he novel we finished last week, Bar Code Tattoo. The topic of this paper is to persuade your community that the bar code is bad, or that it is good. Deadlines for this paper are:

- outline is due Tuesday at the beginning of class

- RD of the entire paper is due at the end of class on Tuesday

- Final copy is due on Thursday (it must be typed and double spaced) 

Feb. 4, 2011

Students took an essay test over the novel Bar Code Tattoo. Mrs. Skinner discussed four of the five questions in class yesterday to help prepare the students for this test. With the remaining class time students worked on their homework assignment. (Most students turned this in before leaving).  If they did not finish in class they need to turn it in on Monday.


Learn how to use commas, semicolons, and colons by:

-write 3 compound sentences using a ; (semicolon)

-write 3 compound sentences using a , (comma) and a conjunction

-use a : (colon) in the following ways:    - use in a business letter greeting

                                                           - writing the time (ex. 3:55)

                                                           - at the beginning of a list

Helpful notes for the above homework assignment...

- compound sentences are two complete sentences that have been combined. Compound sentences must include two subjects (N or PN) and two predicates (Verbs).

- conjunctions include and, but, so, etc.


January 26, 2011

Today in class students took a quiz over chapters 12-17. Three of the five questions on the test were discussed in class yesterday. Students were told to finish reading their books by next Friday (Feb. 4th). HW- study for vocab. test on Friday.

January 25, 2011

Students were given time in class to read. As a class we discussed the book and some major developments happening in the story.  Several of the topics we discussed in class will appear on tomorrows quiz (over chapters 12-17). 

HW- finish reading chapter 17 for tomorrows quiz & study vocabulary words for the test on Friday. 

January 24, 2011

Students were given class time to write sentences for each of this weeks vocabulary words.  The remaining time in class was used to read.  By Weds. students need to finish chapter 17.  The quiz Weds. will cover chapters 12-17.  On Friday we will take the vocabulary test. 













January 20, 2011

HW- Finish reading chapter 15 by Monday.

Today we took a quiz over chapters 5-11.  It was evident that several students aren't keeping up with their reading assignments.  After the quiz we discussed the answers to the assessment we took on Tuesday, then discussed the book, including some of the questions from todays quiz. 

January 19, 2011

HW- Finish chapter 11 by tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will have a quiz over chapters 5-11 of the book.

Today in class students were given time to read their books.  Students were asked to develop three possible questions for tomorrows quiz.  As a class we tried to answer these questions and had a discussion over the assigned chapters to help prepare students for the quiz. 

January 18, 2011

HW-Students need to finish reading chapter 11 by Thursday.  A quiz will be given on Thursday over the assigned chapters.

Today in class we completed a short reading assessment.  Students were given the remaining class time to read their books.

**Important reminder to students- Writing correctly counts!  Errors listed below will result in points being taken off of student work:

Correct capitalization (at the beginning of sentences and all proper nouns)

Their (possessive pronoun) ex. Students had time to read their books. (this shows that the books belongs to the student)

Spelling- if a word is printed in the question a student is answering, it is expected that it will be spelled correctly

Grammar- use correctly ex. I am going to the movies, not  I is going to the movies.

                 ex. She and I went to dinner, not  Me and her went to dinner.



December 9, 2010

(I apologize that this site has not been kept up to date. I was out sick with pneumonia.)

The outline for the research paper is due tomorrow. Rough draft is due on Monday, and the typed final copy is due on Wednesday.  Students need to continue reading their mystery novels and have them finished by December 20th.  (Students reading Summer of Fear and Red Kayak were offered an audio copy of the book).

Tomorrow students will have a vocabulary test over this weeks words.  The words must be spelled correctly and be written in a sentence that clearly shows the meaning of the word.


November 18, 2010

Study for the vocabulary test tomorrow. You must spell the word correctly and use it in a good sentence that clearly shows the meaning of the vocabulary word.


November 17, 2010

In class we spent more time reviewing our vocabulary words for the week and using them in good sentences that clearly show the meaning of these words.  Remember to study the vocabulary words for Friday's test. 


November 16, 2010

Reminder: Novels must be finished by this Thursday.  Students are allowed to use their books during the test.

Vocabulary test will be given on Friday.  Students must write each word in a sentence that clearly shows the meaning of the word.  Students are expected to spell the words correctly.  Some students were given flash cards of the words broken into small "chunks" to help them study the spelling. 


November 12, 2010

Students must finish reading their novels by this Thursday (11/18). Be prepared to take a test over your book on Thursday.

ALL vocabulary words this week are adjectives (words that describe nouns and pronouns). 

  • apprehensive- anxious, fearful
  • attentive- paying attention
  • conspicuous- easily seen
  • cunning- sly, clever, crafty
  • deft- skillful
  • dismal- depressing, dreary, gloomy
  • grueling- physically or mentally exhausting
  • imperious- arrogant, domineering
  • luminous- giving off light
  • monotonous- dull, always the same