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Don't forget to check the main Hebron website under parent links on the main page of this site.   This is where you will find lots of information for the school.  The far right communications tab on the main Hebron site has important dates and detailed information about what is happening at HCA!  







Here's what is to come the week of May 14th


Bible: Pleasing God



         Chapter 11   Three-Dimensional Geometry


Phonics:   soft g and soft c

Science:   Plants



Social Studies:   Continents and  Oceans


Language Arts:  Opinion Writing

                          Fact and Opinion


Bible Verse:    

Spelling Words:     


Important days to remember:

We have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays-  sneakers are the best choice

Our spelling tests and bible verse tests will be on Fridays

      *The bible verse test will be a fill in the blank format. The most important thing about this is that I want them to be able to talk with me about what the verse means to them!


Upcoming dates to take note of:


5/21-- STEM Day

5/22-5/24-  Early Release Days

5/24- Last Day of School  -- Party is at 10:00