Classroom Management

"Nurturing our kids hearts and souls as well as their minds and their bodies is educating the whole child."

       - Maggie Dent 


It is important to maintain a positive learning environment in our classroom. In effort to achieve this our classroom will have a variety of rewards and consequences. Class Dojo and a clip chart will be used to reward plosive behavior. Students will collect points throughout the week for a variety of plosive behaviors. At the end of two weeks they will be give tickets for the number of points they have earned. With their tickets can purchase things like no shoe day, sit on the floor for the day, or a no homework pass. Students also have the opportunity to sit on one of two yoga balls by acquiring the highest number of points at the end of each day. 


Just like points can be earned, they can also be taken away. If a student moves his/her clip down, they will lose points automatically and may have time out at recess as well. All feedback/points can be viewed on Class Dojo by parents on a daily basis. This is also a easy way to communicate with me. For more information click here Class Dojo.


Clip chart

The purpose of the clip chart is to give students a visual on where they stand as far as behavior. Students always start their day on green. Moving your clip up to blue, pink, or purple is awesome! Yellow, orange, and red mean a rule was broken and self correction is in order. Below are the consequences that go along with moving your clip down. Please keep in mind students are always given 1-2 verbal warnings before moving his her clip.

Think about it: Yellow- warning, 3 minutes off recess

Reflecting: Orange- 6 minutes off recess

Call Home: Red- No recess or silent lunch; parent contact

*Consequences can vary depending on the behaviors.