Our 5th Grade Website

Welcome, HCA Families!

     This is the 5th grade homepage.  Here you will find dates for important upcoming events, reminders about various policies such as late assignments, absences and make-up work, the general daily schedule, homework, agendas, grading, redos, as well as links to the individual teacher pages.

     If you are looking for the latest updates in news and events, click on the following Communications link.


What are we learning this week?


Subject                                                                                   Topics

Bible/Verse                                           Genesis 50:20

Math                                    Lessons 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 (Chapter 1)

Reading                                       Fantasy/Poetry

Writing                                         Fiction Writing

Spelling/Vocabulary               Week 12 and Spelling silent e

Social Studies                           WWI and Post War America

Science                                             Microorganims


Quizzes and Tests Calendar

Date                     Assessment


Every Thursday       Spelling and Vocab Test

12/13                          WWI and Post War America Test

12/15                          Cells and Microorganism Test




Calendar and Upcoming Events


Date                                                    Event 


December 14               Feed My Starving Children Collection Day #3

January 19                                  Squad Girls Mtg  7:00-8:30pm

January 28                   Open House #2   3:00 pm-  5:30pm

February 21                 Preview Day #1   9:00 am- 11:00am

March 8                        Feed My Starving Children Food Packing (Gwinnett Co. Fair Grounds)

March 16                                      Squad Girls Mtg 7:00-8:30pm

March 18                      Open House #3   3:00pm -  5:30pm

April 25                         Preview Day #2  4:00pm -  6:00pm

Daily Schedule

Time                                                                  Activity

7:45-8:00am                                              Carpool/Head to homeroom

8:00-8:15am                                              Homeroom

8:15-8:55am                                              Specials

8:55-9:45am                                              Period 1

9:45-10:35am                                          Period 2

10:35-11:25am                                      Period 3

11:25-12:15pm                                      Period 4

12:15-12:45pm                                      Lunch

12:45-1:35pm                                          Period 5

1:35-2:05pm                                              Recess on the field

2:05-2:55pm                                              Period 6

2:55-3:00pm                                              Locker and Clean up

*Chapel/Discipleship Groups will be Thursdays from 2:00-2:40pm 

*Thursdays will have an abbreviated schedule to account for Chapel and D-groups


In 5th grade, students are to have assigned between 30-45 minutes of homework nightly with the exception of Wednesday nights.  Therefore, each of the 3 fifth grade teachers will assign around 15 minutes homework.  If no written homework is assigned, the understanding is that the student should be reviewing the newly taught material at home that evening and/or studying for an upcoming quiz/test.  



The student agenda is a communication tool.  It is to be signed nightly by a parent in order to inform you of homework assignments.  If an assignment has not been turned in on time, the subject teacher will stamp the agenda in that subject area.  Agendas will be checked for signatures at least 1 time per week.


Grading will be based on the following scale:

Assignment                                                      Percentage

Tests                                                                                                  40

Quizzes                                                                                          30

Homework/Daily                                                               30

*Students will receive a score of 0 in the gradebook for missing homework/classwork assignments until the assignment has been completed and turned in.  This includes assignments that are turned in without a name on them.

Late Work

In order to better assist our students in maintaining responsible work habits, late homework/assignments will graded based on the following scale:


# of day(s) late                               Deduction added to final grade

           1                                                                                                          -25

           2                                                                                                          -50

           3                                                                                                          -75

           4                                                                             0 stands in gradebook


  • Students in 5th grade will be allowed to redo a homework or claswork assignment for 1/2 credit at the student's request.  
  • Students in 5th grade are not allowed to redo quizzes or tests.

Absences and Make-up Work Policies


      Without Administrative approval:

  •          Sickness
  •          Doctor/Dentist/Orthodontist appointment
  •          Death in the immediate family
  •          Conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous to student’s safety or health

      With Administrative approval at least 3 days in advance:

  •          Family travel or functions


Absences other than those listed above are unexcused.



        Any work missed due to an absence must be made up within the period of two days for each day of absence. A list of missed assignments will be given to the student upon return.

Classroom Management System

In an effort to remain consistent across our classrooms, the 5th grade team of teachers will be using ClassDojo this year.  Although each teacher will create her individual homeroom class through Dojo, we will have the ability to share our Dojo classes with each other.  This way, students will be able to earn or lose points in all of their classes throughout the day.  Because of this, we will also maintain the same point value system across each group. Students will be able to earn/lose points based on the following scale:


Earn Points For...                                                                   Deduct Points For...

On Task                                                                                                         Off Task

Completed Homework                                                          Incomplete/No Homework

Positive Specials Report                                                      Negative Specials Report

Participating in Class                                                                Lack of Participation

Above and Beyond                                                                      Disruptive Behavoir in Class

Cooperation                                                                                           Negative Lunch Report

Attendance                                                                                              Negative Recess Report