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As we are beginning our third trimester of the school year, we are continuing to advance our technology knowledge.  Kindergarteners are learning to change between learning sites and our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders are learning internet research skills. Fourth graders created a Publisher brochure on a researched country and 5th graders showed their knowledge of WWII using Glogster.

Our upcoming units will include making graphs using EXCEL , continuing skills in Word and Power Point, and learning about internet safety.

Keyboarding practice is ongoing as we learn correct hand placement and posture, while increasing speed and accuracy.

Class sets of HP laptops are already in use for all students K-5 and the IT department is awaiting our order of IPADS for grades K-2 class usage.



Ann Jernigan 


Our Lions' Den verse is Proverbs 1:5 

"Let the Wise hear and increase in learning

and the one who understands, obtain guidance."