AP Latin


 For AP Latin, you should be translating 15 lines per class (right now).  That will soon go back to 20 lines per class.  Remember, you have to read all of the following prior to the AP exam!  

Syllabus for the Exam
Book 1: lines 1–519
Book 2: lines 1–56, 199–297, 469–566, and 735–804
Book 4: lines 1–448, 642–705
Book 6: lines 1–211, 450–476, and 847–901
Book 10: lines 420–509
Book 12: lines 791–842, 887–952
Total number of lines: 1,856
Familiarity with the content of Books 1 through 12 will also be tested.


Here is a link to the collegeboard's AP Latin page.


Scansion help!

Epic Tradition!

Figures of Speech in Vergil!

Vocabulary lists!

Vocab quizzes! (yes, this WILL be a grade!)