What's new in social studies?


Calendars - weekly schedule

Name game

Permission slip for Friday's activity - due Thurs.

Library card application due by Thurs.

2 Truths and a Lie

Full value contract

Elect a class rep to go to the Constitutional Convention

Lost on the Moon- group work


Making an Advisory flag

Decorating the dvisory warrior

Journals - write a pre-tests essay - What I want to be when I grow up, and why.

The Jumanos exercise and handout.  Handout due Thurs.


Writing the Advisory chant

Thinking about the lady in whate.  Who is she?  Why does she roam the park?

Draw a storyboard about the lady and tell the story.

The people of the Valley - how do I fit in?  Draw a picture of you as a Yokut

How the Valley came to be - story

FRIDAY - 9/11

Big Picture Olympics

Stories and smores

Writing in our journals about the trip.


Vocab. program & Brain drain - daily