Kindergarten Prep

Ideas to help your child prepare for Kindergarten:

The best way to prepare your child for Kindergarten is to create the mind set that Kindergarten is a wonderfully thrilling adventure!  Your child may have mixed feelings about the upcoming school year.  I would like to make some suggestions that may help to create more excitement and minimize anxiety.   Always use a positive tone when talking about your child's upcoming school year!  Your child will be influenced by your opinions.  For example..if you are excited they will assume your enthusiastic attitude and look forward to Kindergarten with eagerness.  If you express your sadness about them going to school and that they are growing up too fast, they may view this pending transition as less than desirable.  It is okay and natural to have all of these feelings, however, keep in mind who your audience is when you verbalize them.  

 This school year we will not only be focusing on developing your child's academic skills, but also their social and emotional abilities.  We have a desired level of performance in all areas of your child's development.  Encourage your child to begin to make reasonable choices about their clothing, lunches, and other aspects of their day.