HG Grade 3/4

Welcome to Grade 3/4!
I hope you all had a fun and relaxing summer.  It's time to start our new year!
Things You Need to Know
Teacher's name: Ms. Yuen 
Classroom: Room 212 
Other Teachers: Mrs. Harvey (science, library and drama) and Mr. Plonka (grade 4 French) 
Things You Should Bring 
1.  extra pair of shoes (with your name written on them)
2.  a backpack (to hold your agenda and assignments)
3.  your own school supplies (labelled if possible)

Students Forms

A package of student forms (e.g., medical, internet consent, media release) has been sent home.  Please complete ask your parents to complete and sign all of the forms and then return the package promptly to school.

Snack Program

If you wish to participate in our school's morning snack program, please ask your parents to sign the form and return the envelope with payment by the due date.  Our snack program follows the guidelines of the Canada Food Guide so you will be receiving a healthy snack each morning.


Please bring in $5 to help cover the cost of your agenda.