Mrs. Mullins' Class

Homework for  September 12, 2012

Please purchase the book Trumpet of the Swan by next week.  We will begin reading it on Tuesday.  Also, please send $9.00 cash in an envelope with your child's name on it by Wednesday, September 19th to purchase the recorders and the books.  We will begin recorder instruction the folowing week. 

Reminder:  PE is on Thursday.  Remember to wear your PE clothers and bring your towell or yoga mat.

Religion:  wb page 14

Math MP 18

Vocabulary:  Writer's Log Pages 16-17 and make flash cards for words

Writing:  write 5 interview questions for the person you selected for your biographic sketch

Social Studies:  practice book page 8

Spelling:  5x each test on Thursday

Spelling Words: test will be on Sept 13

station, danger, April, vacation, cable, bacon, wild, behind, pint, lion, hide, decide, invite, arrive, whole, broke, drove, drove, smoke, remote, stole

Mrs. Mullins email:

Students need to have a binder with 5 dividers for use in class.


Have a Blessed Day!